Idea Factory Internaional details characters and gameplay systems for Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters

Idea Factory International has released new information and screenshots for Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters, detailing the cast of characters and many gameplay system components.

The details can be found below, via Idea Factory International.

Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters is set to release in Early 2023 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC (Steam). For more, you can check out a gameplay overview trailer, announcement trailer, or official website.



Nepgear / Purple Sister

The Goddess Candidate of Planeptune and Neptune’s younger sister. Nepgear is an earnest, hardworking girl, who’s more than a little soft on her older sister. While investigating an abandoned facility, she was trapped in a sleep capsule and awoke years later to find her homeland in ruins. In order to take back Planeptune and save Gamindustri, Nepgear and her friends must embark on a harrowing adventure that unravels before them. When she uses her Goddess Transformation, she becomes Purple Sister.


Uni / Black Sister

A Goddess Candidate of Lastation and the little tsun to Noire’s big tsundere. Uni's a hard working girl who loves guns. Like Nepgear, she was trapped in a sleep capsule for several years and now joins her friend’s quest to retake Planeptune. Uni loves her sister, but Noire’s seemingly indifferent attitude to her return has left her feeling disillusioned and forgotten. When she uses her Goddess Transformation, she becomes Black Sister.


Rom / White Sister

The older of Lowee's twin Goddess Candidates, Rom is Blanc’s younger sister and Ram's older twin. The ever shy Rom is nervous around strangers and hesitant to speak up. Like Nepgear and Uni, she was trapped in a sleep capsule for several years and now travels with Nepgear on her quest to retake Planeptune. Despite her natural timidity, Rom does her best to be courageous and support her friends on and off the battlefield. When she uses her Goddess Transformation, she becomes White Sister.


Ram / White Sister

The younger of Lowee’s twin Goddess Candidates and younger sister to both Blanc and Rom. She's energetic, mischievous, and overflowing with brazen confidence. Like the others, she was trapped in a sleep capsule for several years and is now working to help Nepgear restore her homeland. With Rom at her side, Ram faces this harsh, share-depleted reality with an unflinching smile. When she uses her Goddess Transformation, she becomes White Sister.


Neptune / Purple Heart

Goddess of Planeptune and Humblest of Heroes, Neptune has graciously decided to hang back and give her little sister Nepgear a turn in the spotlight. Neptune went missing during a mission to the PC continent, vanishing without a trace. When she uses her Goddess Transformation, she becomes Purple Heart.


Noire / Black Heart

Noire, the Goddess of Lastation. A classic tsundere. Lastation’s shares have suffered greatly due to the Trendi Outbreaks, forcing the already hard-working Noire to refocus her efforts on supporting her nation. When using her Goddess Transformation, she becomes Black Heart.


Blanc / White Heart

The Goddess that protects Lowee. Blanc is usually soft spoken, and enjoys the peace and pleasure of reading at home. Lowee has suffered minimal damages from the Trendi Outbreaks, so she has been coordinating the defense of Planeptune with Histoire, as well as assisting refugees from the PC Continent. When she uses her Goddess Transformation, she becomes White Heart.


Vert / Green Heart

The sole Goddess of Leanbox, Vert has no younger sister. Outwardly, she’s a gentle, well-mannered lady, but on the inside, she’s a hardcore gamer. In order to minimize damage from the Trendi Outbreaks, Vert ordered a nationwide lockdown and disappeared from contact soon after. When she uses her Goddess Transformation, she becomes Green Heart.



A cheerful, carefree child of the modern age, Maho is never seen without her smartphone in hand. Anri found her collapsed in an abandoned Planeptune suburb while fleeing the calamity on the PC continent. A skilled software developer, Maho has been working with Anri to create observation equipment to discover the source of the Trendi Outbreaks.



A mathematically minded software engineer from the PC Continent, Anri is calm, collected, and always informed. After fleeing the calamity that took her home, she took refuge in Planeptune with the other survivors. Anri acts as friend and guardian to Maho, ever worrying over her carefree companion. Together they’re investigating the cause of the Trendi Outbreaks.


Grey Sister

A mysterious, unknown Goddess. She seals Nepgear and the other Candidates inside of a sleep chamber in a hidden research facility, from which they were not uncovered for several years.



A warm and friendly girl from the PC Continent. Higurashi is on a mission to scour Planeptune for each and every bit of cute. Declaring “Oh, so cute!” she will try to claim them all for herself, be they plushie or person.


Shanghai Alice

A refreshingly frank and down-to-earth girl from PC Continent. Shanghai Alice is kind to everyone, but never grants anyone special treatment. Her visit to Nepgear’s nation was ruined by the destruction of the PC Continent and the Trendi Outbreaks that followed. She lives frugally and earns her living day-to-day.


Battle System

The battle system uses a combination of Actions and Skills. Utilize a unique blend of combo, tactical, and chain skills to lead your team to victory.


Examine the enemy then make your move!

Battle with a party of 3 in real-time! Ally characters will be managed by the AI while you focus on your game! Make smart use of limited Action Points by swapping characters, and utilize their unique skills and abilities to turn the tide of battle in your favor!

Combo Skills

Customize your own combo routes and create your own unique style of attack! Original combos can be easily unleashed using the single press of a button.


Use your Action Points to unleash crushing combos!

Combo Skills are performed by consuming Action Points, which automatically accumulate during battle. AP is not recovered while attacking. Using tactical skills during battle increases your AP limit, so the more Tactical Skills you use, the more powerful combos you can unleash. After leveling up, a second combo route will unlock, greatly increasing your options on the attack. Change up your strategy to defeat different foes!


Build your own combos with the Combo Maker system!

Combo Maker is a system that allows the user to create their own combo routes by switching the combo skills. There are 3 types of skills, each with their own characteristics.

  • Power: Deals high damage and may stagger the enemy.
  • Rapid: Quick, continuous attacks that rapidly fill the Goddess Gauge.
  • Break: Batters down the enemy to inflict a Guard Break.

Tactical Skills

A powerful character-specific skill that can be activated by consuming the Tactical Gauge which refills over time. It's vital to know how to use this skill, and how to accumulate its gauge.


Tactical Skills can be activated at the touch of a button!

During combat, the Tactical Gauge is accumulated over time and by attacking the enemy. Once the Tactical Gauge is full, press the △ button to activate your character's Tactical Skill! Other techniques can also be activated by using the combination of △ + ↑ and △ + ↓.

While waiting for the gauge to build, players can swap between characters, using their combo and Tactical Skills in concert to increase fighting efficiency.

Coordinated Chain Attacks

Chain attacks allow you to extend your combo by switching character. Plan out a multi-man strategy to maximize your damage and defeat your foes. Successfully chaining attacks is the key to success in battle.

Making effective use of the long chains requires you to be aware of everyone's skills, moves, and gauges. Knowing how and when to use Combo Skills, Tactical Skills, and Chains will be the deciding factors between victory and defeat.

Well-managed AP is the key to success!

Chains are a coordinated attack system that can be activated by switching characters while activating a combo or tactical skill. Without AP, a character cannot continue the combo, but by making good use of the Chain system, the combo can be continued by another character. Making good use of this system is vital.


Easily execute chains with the Chain Swap Assistant!

When completing a combo string, or while the tactical skill is active, a recommended Character Swap will be displayed. Simply press the button being displayed to chain!


Multiply damage with Chain Bonus

The more links in the chain, the more damage is inflicted on the enemy. Connecting multiple chains is essential for defeating powerful foes!

Goddess Transformation

Turn the tide of battle by transforming the girls in their Goddess forms through Goddess Transformation! Their special ability unleashes an unending barrage of attacks that can turn the tables on even the most dire situations.


Power up with Goddess Transformation!

Once the Goddess Gauge reaches full power, the user can activate Goddess Transformation. The character will remain in Goddess Transformation until the Goddess Gauge, which decreases over time, is empty. In addition to increased stats, combo skills require no AP while in Goddess form, and can be extended indefinitely.


Deal a decisive blow with the EXE Drive!

While in Goddess form, the EXE Drive can be used at any time, regardless of the amount of remaining Goddess Gauge! However, Goddess form will end upon the completion of the EXE Drive, so time your strikes carefully. After going on a rampage with unlimited combo skills, use EXE Drive for a spectacular finish!

EXE Drive

This special move consumes half the Goddess Gauge to activate an impressive special attack, unique to each character. The gauge is built up through combo attacks, and when unleashed, it inflicts massive damage on the enemy.


Wipe your enemies out with an explosive EXE Drive attack!

When the Goddess Gauge is more than half full, the EXE Drive can be launched! With flashy effects and loads of style, it inflicts massive damage on the enemy. The series staple EXE Drives look better than ever with brilliant new graphics!


Managing the Goddess Gauge

When activating an EXE Drive, half of the Goddess Gauge will be consumed. The Goddess Gauge accumulates when the player attacks or is attacked. The Goddess Gauge can be quickly built up by performing attacks that involve multiple hits and by chaining attacks.


Disc System

Discs can be equipped to boost stats and abilities in battle. Discs can change the way you fight, extend combos, increase movespeed, and all sorts of other tricks. They open all sorts of tactical possibilities for you!


Disc Development

You won't know the exact benefits of a disc until you've completed it. Depending on the genre and disc developer, the abilities of the completed disk can vary wildly.


Flow of Development

  • Step 1: Selecting a Genre - Selecting different genres will result in discs with different abilities. However, the more Discs you develop within the same genre, the easier it is to unlock a second ability.
  • Step 2: Choosing a Developer - Select the developer to aid you in the creation of your disk. If you choose a genre they are specialized in, they may be able to contribute special abilities to the disc.
  • Step 3: Picking an Item - Here you can select an item to reduce development time. These items are obtained in dungeons.
  • Step 4: Discs are Preparing.... - Once you have finished making your selection, all you have to do is wait for the development to be complete, so please wait warmly! Sometimes the creator of a Disc will ask for an additional fee. If you provide them with the requested amount, they will always develop a Disc with 2 abilities.
  • Step 5: Claim Your Disc! - There are tons of randomly generated disc names! All that's left is to equip your character with your own original disc!

Party Organization

This system allows you to make pre-battle preparations, including swapping party members and changing formations. By setting up the right team for the right situation, you can ensure you start the battle on solid footing!


Party Formation

Here you can select the party members who will participate in battle and the team leader, who you will control. Your companions will be controlled by the AI. Here you can give them instructions on how to behave in battle to ensure a cohesive battle plan.


Battle Formation

This setting allows you to set where members of the party will stand at the start of battle. Consider placing characters according to their roles. For example, a character with high defense should stand in front as a bulwark to shield weaker teammates standing further back.


Lily Formation

This system allows characters who are not in the battle team to pair up with those who are, providing supportive abilities to their partner. In this way, characters not in the battle party can also contribute!


Neptunia's Chirper system is back and better than ever! Using Nepgear's beloved N-Gear, you can view character's chirps and receive special requests.


Chirper Homepage

From the Chirper homepage, you can view the chirps from the residents of Gamindustri! You can also interact and give your favorites a like!


Check requests and help out!

As you progress through the game, you'll begin to receive requests from the residents of Gamindustri. There are 4 types of requests: defeat, deliver, collect, and rescue, each with their own unique objectives.


Claim sweet rewards!

As you complete quests, you'll receive rewards. Not only will you recieve items for your work well done, you might also recieve a new companion to help you in disc developement!

Heartfelt Photo Mode

Take heartwarming photos with the characters! Choose your favorite angle, pose, and backgrounds to create hilarious and heartfelt moments!

[image="Neptunia-Sisters-VS-Sisters_20221105_20.jpg" game="1771"]



Take on powerful opponents in consecutive battles to advance your rank in the arena! Challenge your limits and acquire various items as you rise through the ranks.


Sharpen your skills as your reach for the top!

The arena is comprised of ranks ranging from F to S, each containing levels within them. Complete a 3-round battle to progress to the next level. When you reach the highest level in a given rank, a promotion battle will occur. By winning these promotion battles, users will gain access to the next rank, where stronger enemies await. As you advance in rank, you will be rewarded with items and equipment that will be useful in your adventures.


Hone your skills in Training!

The arena also features a training mode, where you can fight any encountered enemy at your leisure. Study their patterns and behaviors so you'll be ready to rumble next time you face them in a real fight!

Limitless Dungeon - Neptral Tower

Strive to scale the Neptral Tower, the greatest challenge of all! By conquering dungeons full of strong enemies, you can obtain massive amounts of experience and powerful equipment!


Struggle to make your way along the path!

The Neptral Tower dungeon is unlocked as you progress through the story. The goal of each floor is to find the gate that leads you to the next level, ultimately climbing all the way to the 100th floor. Be sure to prepare yourself properly! You can neither save nor leave freely, and safe areas are a rare treat indeed in these dicey halls.


A boss awaits on the 10th floor!

A powerful foe awaits you on every 10th floor, and the only way forward is to step right over their perished bodies. Not all is grim news, however, in addition to the boss, you may just find a place to lay your weary head. Safe areas are also located on these floors.


Powerful items and equipment abound!

Those willing to brave the Neptral Tower, may be rewarded with rare weapons and gear they won't soon be spotting in any store! Defeating powerful foes and scavenging for rare gear is a great way to further strengthen your party for the battles ahead!