The latest Nier crossover is with Rainbow Six Siege

The endless parade of Nier series cross-overs with other game franchises continues with another unexpected addition: Grimoire Weiss, Brother Nier, and possibly even some of the Nier Automata cast making their way to Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

The crossover, which is officially themed as a tie-up between Siege and the relatively recently remastered Nier Replicant, the trailer shows us a character that appears to be Brother Nier who also has a grizzled enough look that, y'know, it could totally be Papa Nier. They're wielding an assault rifle. Grimoire Weiss is floating around. It's Nier.

The end of the trailer also teases Nier Automata content, with familiar-looking leather boots and a declaration that "A YoRHa soldier is approaching... glory to mankind!"

The news of this Nier crossover, which is in the "Maverick Replicant Bundle", was announced alongside a slew of Rainbow Six content that'll be delivered during Year 7, Season 4 of the long-running online tactical shooter.

This isn't the first weird Nier Crossover even this year - we've recently seen it cross over with PUBG, a PUBG spin-off called New State mobile, Fall Guys, a bunch of mobile games, and a few more thematically appropriate crossovers with things like SoulCalibur VI, Final Fantasy XIV, and Monster Hunter. We've even wondered if all these spin-offs are a little too much in the past.

“For us, if we were asked, we would gladly say yes to anything for money,” Nier boss Yoko Taro once said of crossovers back in 2019, when asked by GameInformer about the chances of 2B appearing in Tekken. “We're open to any kind of opportunities for anything, ever. Even if it's Candy Crush, if they want to use 2B, we will say yes, please go ahead and use her.”

The streak of interesting cross-overs continues.