The DioField Chronicle to receive a free update in March 2023, featuring new a scenario, new weapon, new skills, and gameplay modes

Square Enix and Lancarse have announced that a free update to The DioField Chronicle will launch in March 2023, featuring a new story from Waltaquin's perspective, along with a new weapon, new skills, and updates for a more challenging experience.

A Japanese trailer, details, and screenshots can be found below, via Square Enix.

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Update 1: New Scenario

A side-story featuring Waltaquin that is not told in the main scenario will be added.


The new scenario can be accessed after clearing Chapter 5 of the main scenario.


A new magical beast, Behemoth, will appear as the final boss.

After clearing the new scenario, a higher difficulty sub-mission will be added with an even more enhanced Behemoth.

Update 2: New Weapon "Grimoire" and New Skills

In the new scenario added in the update, Waltaquin will be able to equip a new weapon, Grimoire.

Grimoire can use skills to summon units and change its appearance into other forms.



Summons a Skull Knight. After using "Necromancy," the player can use the skill "Necroburst," which causes the summoned Skull Knight to self-destruct.



Summons a skull dragon.

Update 3: Addition of "Extra Mode," a higher difficulty mode

Starting from Chapter 1,  players can select "Extra Mode" in which high-level enemies will appear. It will be added as a "New Game+" feature that allows users to carry over their levels, weapons, and skills.

In addition, "Very Hard" will be added as a new difficulty option, where fragment drops are reduced, enemy skill use frequency & cooldowns are shortened, and battles are more challenging with limited revival time & less HP receovery. 

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