New trailer and screenshots for Fire Emblem Engage introduce your home base of Somniel and more

Nintendo and Intelligent Systems have released a new trailer for Fire Emblem Engage, introducing your home base of Somniel and the various activities you can undertake away from the battlefield.

Additionally, a new Japanese blog post also introduces some of the functions of your home base, as well as more of the Emblem Ring cameo characters from past Fire Emblem titles. We've included the new screenshots in the gallery below. 

Curious about the cast of Fire Emblem Engage? We compiled a character list of all revealed playable characters, villains, Emblem rings, and more.

Fire Emblem Engage is set to release on January 20, 2023, for Nintendo Switch. If you need more to read/watch, check out:

Welcome to the Somniel, your home away from home in the Fire Emblem Engage game. Whether you're preparing for battle or just getting to know your allies, the Somniel is the ideal home base for any aspiring adventurer.

Fire Emblem Engage