Moth Kubit is a 'Kafkaesque' RPG where you play as an insect in the corporate world, set to release in 2024 for PC

Publisher Astrolabe Games and developer Helena Creative Studios have announced that Moth Kubit will release for PC (Steam) in 2024.

The game is described as a 'Kafkaesque' RPG about corporate life as an ordinary insect, involving puzzles, interacting with bug coworkers, and a combat system known as Love Sick Disorder where you must persuade your coworkers.

An announcement trailer, description, and screenshot set can be found below, via Astrolabe Games.

This is an RPG (role-playing game) about corporate life as an ordinary person... I mean... As an ordinary insect.

Our protagonist, Moth Kubit, has just been promoted, and all of a sudden embarks on a weird adventure in a megacorp to redeem (or eradicate) himself, his bug-ddies, and the company before the mysterious "Final Process" arrives.

This game depicts an absurd but vivid Kafkaesque corporate world of insects and a unique combat system, featuring multiple endings based on the important choices Moth Kubit made along the way.

So, what is the story, anyways?

Set in a mega-corporation, Moth Kubit is a 2D top-down, bizarre RPG that features our protagonist, Moth, an average worker that emotionless accepts a promotion, unaware of the mysterious "Final Process" that is coming his way.

Rumor has it that the “Final Process” will change everything, everywhere all at once, like a fever dream taking form. Will the corporation go bankrupt? Will the world come to an end? It is up to Moth Kubit and his bug-reaucrats to work their way up and to save or seal the fate of reality…

Anyhow, it's hard to summarize this bizarre, absurd, but charming story. Give it a try, and you won't be disappointed! There will be lots of mysteries, quests, and endings to uncover.

So, what is the gameplay looks like?

Expect a not-so-classic RPG with multiple endings.

Basically, the gameplay follows the standard recipe for RPGs - play as Moth Kubit, walk around freely to solve puzzles, talk to your bug co-workers, investigate some objects, and advance the story.

All of this takes place inside a corporation full of bugs from different sectors and business levels! Find those who, like Moth, live for the sweet of each day... and find those whose motives are so secret and twisted that they are even powerful enough to alter reality...

Everything… from all the interactive to the rooms itself… everything is interlinked! So… Choose wisely, and keep your eyes open!

So, who... What kind of bugs do I get to meet?

Moths, Ladybugs, Beetles, Ants, Caterpillars, Dragonflies – Is this an Insectopedia?!

Yup, so there will be quite some bugs in the game (really cute ones, we promise, not those glitchy freaks). Moth will interact with coworkers of different species! Every insect lets slip through its species and category some glimpse of its personality and motivation...

*SPECIAL DISCLAIMER*: No insects were harmed in the making of this video game, and all of the insects have been cartooned to make sure no insectophobia (entomophobia, technically) will be triggered. If so, please let us know!

Reconnect to your long-lost bug-ddies, exchange distant knowledge from insects foreign to your world or decide to isolate yourself in your own cocoon... Each character has their own story that intertwines with Moth's. Discover the personalities and dreams of your companions, then decide their future and through the choices presented!

So, about the setting…

Well... How did I get here?

Moth Kubit is a game made with an immeasurable hatred of cramped cubicles and bureaucracy. Every setting is the result of our team's imagination amid so much time wasted facing piles of paper and responsibilities to be fulfilled. The result is a series of arcs where everyday boredom blossoms into surreal experiences. Workplaces, diverse business sectors, corporate events... Anyway! We strive to bring unique play experiences, both qualitatively and quantitatively, to meet even the wildest expectations.

So, since it's an RPG, can you explain a bit more about the combat system?

Of course, in a nutshell – Talking Therapy.

Moth Kubit integrates a combat system known as Love Sick Disorder (LSD). It is natural that Moth, in the midst of endless conversations with his colleagues, his boss and his clients, has developed a sharp tongue capable of getting him out of any adverse situation. Moth uses his persuasion to overcome his enemies, because physical strength... is not his best attribute! The combat system will always allow for different outcomes that influence how the story progresses. To bring more fun to it, Moth will also face a sequence of thematic minigames that require quick and direct reflexes between dialogues.

Moth Kubit