Atlus to release Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection for Nintendo Switch and PC on June 1

During today's Nintendo Direct presentation, Atlus has announced Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection, a remastered triple-pack that includes the first three Etrian Odyssey dungeon crawler RPGs, set to release for Nintendo Switch and PC on June 1.

The release will be digital only for both platforms, with the collection priced at $79.99. On Steam, you can opt to purchase the three titles individually, although they are priced at $39.99 each.

These new versions will include remastered art & audio, new difficulty selection options, more save slots, and easier access to the compendium, quest log, & skill tree. The collection will also support touchscreen controls on Switch (similar to its DS origins), as well as mouse control for the PC release. There are also 24 brand-new portrait options added for this collection.

Finally, each entry will include some DLC portraits featuring other Atlus titles. These can be obtained by pre-ordering the game, or by purchasing after launch.

The announcement trailer, details, and screenshot galleries can be found below, via Atlus.

Today Atlus announced that a collection of the first three Etrian Odyssey games, remastered in HD, will be released June 1, 2023 for Nintendo Switch and Steam. Titled Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection, it will feature Etrian Odyssey HD, Etrian Odyssey II HD, and Etrian Odyssey III HD and is available for pre-order now.  

In the Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection, players will explore the rich beginnings of this RPG franchise with remasters for three timeless adventures. Go on a journey of discovery, mapping deep dungeons, and building customized parties for exploring and engaging in tactical combat. 

Key Features

  • Newly remastered graphics, remastered soundtrack and quality of life improvements including difficulty selection and save slots.
  • Touch screen mapping functionality for Nintendo Switch. Plot your progress through the labyrinth, drawing walls and placing icons to note special events and items.
  • Full mouse support and functionality to map drawing, menus, and dungeon exploration (Steam).
  • Easy access to the monster compendium, quest log, and skill tree.
  • Find 24 brand new character portraits designed for the collection, including Landsknecht, War Magus, Sovereign, and more.

Pre-orders are available beginning today for Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection, as well as each individual game. Those that pre-order the collection will receive Character Portrait DLC Sets featuring popular characters from other Atlus IP:

  • Character Portrait DLC Set 1 includes Joker (Persona 5 Royal) and Ringo (Soul Hackers 2).
  • Character Portrait DLC Set 2 includes Demi-Fiend (Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne) and Teddie (Persona 4 Golden).
  • Character Portrait DLC Set 3 includes Aigis (Persona 3 Portable) and Nahobino (Shin Megami Tensei V).

Each DLC set will be free with pre-order purchase for each game or $2.99 each after game launch.

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Etrian Odyssey II HD
Etrian Odyssey III HD
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