Citizen Sleeper coming to PlayStation on March 31

Last year's critically-acclaimed RPG Citizen Sleeper, is finally coming to PlayStation 4 & 5 later this month, as per a post on the PlayStation Blog. Players will get the chance to explore developer Jump Over The Age's world and characters on both consoles when it arrives on March 31.

This release comes alongside the 3rd and final DLC release for the game, meaning that PlayStation players will have the chance to see the true conclusion to the world's story alongside anyone who has been keeping up with the DLC episodes on other platforms.

Citizen Sleeper launched on PC, Xbox and Nintendo Switch last year on May 5. 

Since its release, Citizen Sleeper has only been growing and continues on that trajectory with a three-episode DLC series expanding on the world and its stories. The first episode, Flux, saw a refugee flotilla arrive at the game’s ring-shaped space station, Erlin’s Eye. In episode 2, Refuge, a new threat to the future of the station was revealed. The PlayStation version will launch alongside the third and final episode, Purge, which completes the story of the flotilla and the wider game. That means players getting started on March 31st will have the complete game and all its DLC available to them from the get-go.