New Ys X: Nordics screenshots detail Karja, Cross Action combat system

Falcom has released new information and screenshots for Ys X: Nordics, detailing the combat system and two playable characters of newest entry in the Ys action RPG series.

As revealed in the game's announcement in December 2022, Ys X changes things up from recent entries in the series, no longer using the "party system" found from Ys Seven to Ys IX: Monstrum Nox. Instead, Nordics will looks to have only two playable characters. One is Adol Christin, of course. The other character shown in screenshots is a young woman named Karja Valta.

The character art is handled by Toi8 (I Am SetsunaTokyo Mirage Sessions).

Adol Christin


A rare adventurer who left behind more than a hundred journals chronicling his adventures. He has flaming red hair and clear eyes full of curiosity.

He is said to have left Esteria - the place of his first adventure - at the age of 17 and headed for Celceta. One of his journals discovered at his birthplace, he stopped at the Gulf of Oberia with former thief Dogi.

Karja Valta


She is the only daughter of Grimson, the leader of the Balta navy.

She is feared as the "Pirate Princess" by local  inhabitants, who see her leading a band of maritime bandits to commit piracy. Although she has a delicate-looking face, she is a fierce & brutal fighter wielding a hatchet & round shield, as is typical of a Norman pirate.

The combat system in Ys X: Nordics is known as Cross Action, which can either be played in a Solo Mode or Combi Mode.

In Solo Mode, the player controls either Adol or Karja while the other character will be automatically controlled by AI, and you can switch characters at the press of a button. Solo Mode emphasizes speed-oriented combat and many dash movements. In this mode, switching between characters with proper timing can lead to consecutive attacks from your partner, leading into combos.

In Combi Mode, the player controls Adol and Karja at the same time, accessed by pushing a button while in Solo Mode. In this mode, damage is increased signficantly due to simultaneous attacks, but movement and speed are considerably reduced. However, guarding against enemy attacks in this mode will fill the "Revenge Gauge", which will increase damage done by Combi Mode abilities. You can also repell against red-colored enemy attacks using the guard.

Ys X: Nordics is set to release for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch in 2023 in Japan. The official website is here. An English localization has not been announced.

Ys X: Nordics