Nippon Ichi reveals more Xicatrice characters and gameplay details

Nippon Ichi published a new blog post revealing more about its recently announced "Supernatural x School Life RPG" Xicatrice. The post introduces other named cast members, as well as detailing more of the intertwining gameplay systems.

Xicatrice casts players as teachers leading a class of supernaturally empowered students. The game world is one where almost a century has passed since humankind began to awaken to such powers. Those who can use those powers often play active roles in society, or misuse their powers, letting them go berserk. To combat such threats is the role of the Anti-abnormal Unusual-talent Team (AUT). The player is Renji Kamiya, a former AUT member who has lost their powers after a certain incident and is assigned to teach a reserve unit, the RAUT 302nd Squad.

The initial announcement and the Xicatrice official website detailed named members of the 302nd itself. The latest blog post also introduces two sub-characters, Takayuki and Rui Akutsu. Takayuki is an active AUT member, and was once a colleague of Renji's before Renji was forced to leave the AUT. Rui is Takayuki's younger sister and a research physician at the Unusual-talent Insurance Center. 

The blog post also went into more detail about the game's systems.

For example, what skills a squad member can learn out of the over 300 available are dependent on their major field of study. There are 15 majors available in the game. One's ability to learn certain skills will require both the appropriate major as well as meeting prerequisite basic skill levels. Characters can change their major once a month.

Certain skills also synergize with student traits. For example, the character Haruki Suzuhira has high accuracy and critical chance, which makes him a natural at using "Double Attack", a skill that allows a character to attack multiple times with lowered accuracy. Passive skills can also be equipped to further improve your characters. Some passive skills even allow students to act when they otherwise wouldn't be able to, delivering follow-up attacks or countering enemy hits.

Xicatrice launches in Japan on June 29, 2023, for PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch. An international release has not yet been announced.