Princess Connect! Re: Dive Global to end service on April 30, 2023

English-language players' journey in Astraea will come to an end soon: Crunchyroll Games has announced the official end of service for the global edition of free-to-play RPG Princess Connect! Re: Dive. The game will shut down on April 30, 2023, after which players will be unable to log into their accounts. The end comes a little more than two years after its launch in 2021.

As of March 31, 2023, the in-game shop is closed and in-app purchases are no longer possible. Players who still have Jewels or other resources will be able to use them as normal until the end of service. The game will operate as normal until April 30th. In fact, a new character, Mahiru (Ranger) will even debut on April 17, 2023.

The announcement post on Crunchyroll's blog didn't cite a specific reason for the closure of Princess Connect! Re: Dive. The post acknowledged that "countless stories" from the game will be "left untold" but thanked players for their support.

Princess Connect! Re: Dive (also known as "PriConne") was developed and published by Cygames, and first launched in Japan in 2018. It was a sequel of sorts to 2015's Princess Connect!, which shut down in 2016. Crunchyroll Games published the global edition of the game in January 2021.

The game takes place in the fantasy land of Astraea, where various guilds take on assignments and compete for glory and power. Characters from PriConne also showed up in other games, such as Cygames' Granblue Fantasy, as part of crossover events. Similarly, Granblue Fantasy characters, as well as characters from The Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls, have appeared in Princess Connect! Re: Dive's playable roster.

The global edition of Princess Connect! Re: Dive will shut down on April 30, 2023. The Japanese edition is still running.