Birdie Wing: Golf Girls' Story game adaptation announced for Switch

The golfing girls' story will soon be told on the Nintendo Switch. A new video game adaptation of the anime series Birdie Wing: Golf Girls' Story is on the way. Wowow Entertainment and Viverse announced the "golf motion RPG" in partnership with Bandai Namco, which produced the anime series. It'll release for Switch in English, Japanese, and Chinese on June 15, 2023.

Check out the trailer below.

According to the Nintendo eShop page for Birdie Wing: Golf Girls' Story, the game will be a "detailed graphic recreation" of the anime. It has a story mode that follows the anime storyline, and a free mode with support for up to four-player matches. The controls will use the Joy-Cons to emulate golf swings and minigames to simulate gimmicky putting challenges.

Besides the game, Viverse plans other Birdie Wing-themed projects, including a "metaverse" event in the Viverse VR space, a VR golf experience, and a mobile game.

The first season of the Birdie Wing anime aired in 2022. It was billed as a "youth story" focusing on the adventures of two young women golfers: Aoi Amawashi and Eve. Their backgrounds couldn't be more different, with Aoi the scion of a powerful golfing dynasty and Eve being a street-smart golf hustler with ties to the golfing mafia. Attracted by their opposing attitudes and playing styles, the two shake up the world of extreme golfing.

The Birdie Wing: Golf Girls' game arrives on Switch on June 15, 2023, while the second season of the anime premiers on April 7, 2023. Crunchyroll will stream the anime for subscribers.