Bungie uploads Destiny 2 Cutscene Archive to help players catch up with the story

Bungie is attempting to make it a bit easier for New Lights to get caught up. The developer has uploaded a number of story cutscenes from past Destiny 2 seasons and expansions to YouTube, in the form of a new playlist called the Destiny 2 Cutscene Archive. The move should make it slightly simpler to get caught up on the game's ongoing storyline, particularly as it forges into new narrative territory through the Lightfall expansion. The playlist is located at this link.

So far, the playlist includes cutscenes from the last 18 months of Destiny 2 preceding the March 2023 launch of Lightfall. There are videos from 2021's Season of the Lost (Season 15), through The Witch Queen (the previous expansion), as well as the Season of the Risen, the Haunted, the Season of Plunder, and the Season of the Seraph (Seasons 16 through 19). For reference, players are about halfway through the current Destiny 2 season: The Season of Defiance (Season 20).

Check out a sample below.

Of course, there's plenty more story left to archive from Destiny 2. In 2020 Bungie introduced the Destiny Content Vault, a system by which the company would effectively remove portions of the game (particularly seasonal content) to keep it at a manageable size and density. Roughly the first three years of Destiny 2 content since its 2017 launch has been "vaulted", and effectively no longer accessible to players until and unless Bungie re-implements it. This includes the baseline "Red War" campaign of the launch version of Destiny 2, its first three expansions (Curse of Osiris, Warmind, and Forsaken), and all of the seasons prior to Lightfall's launch, including those compiled in the playlist. The exceptions are The Witch Queen and content that is part of an expansion (such as 2020's Beyond Light).

Bungie said it expects to add cutscenes from earlier seasons and other vaulted content in the future.

Destiny 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. Check out RPG Site's official review of the Lightfall expansion campaign.