Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Typhlosion Tera Raid detailed

The Pokemon trainers of the Paldea region are about to get a powerful visitor from Johto. The next Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Tera Raid Battle is focused on Typhlosion, a Pokemon first seen in Pokemon Gold and Silver (the core games of what's known as "Generation II"). The raids kick off in-game on April 14, 2023. A second run one week later will begin on April 21, 2023.

The new Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Typhlosion Tera Raid will also give players a chance to nab their very own playable Typhlosion. Like the recently-concluded Ditto-focused raid, the Typhlosion raid stars a Pokemon that's not native to Paldea and can't be encountered in-game otherwise.

The raid event itself is a maximum-grade 7-Star Tera Raid battle. Though Typhlosion is a Fire-type Pokemon, the boss will have a Ghost Tera-type. This seems to be a nod to the Hisuian Typhlosion regional variant seen in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. In that game, Hisuian Typhlosion is a Fire/Ghost-type. The boss will also have the Mightiest Mark. 

Typhlosion is the final evolution of Cyndaquil, the Fire-type Starter for Pokemon Gold and Silver. Cyndaquil was also the starter for Legends: Arceus. Known as the Volcano Pokemon, Typhlosion has a powerful rage that can instantly ignite the things it touches.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available on the Nintendo Switch. The raids begin on April 14, 2023.