Digimon World: Next Order achieves parity on European Switch with new patch

Bandai Namco has given European owners of Digimon World: Next Order on Switch a taste of what North American owners on Switch and everyone on PS4 and PC have had since launch. The latest update for that version of the game has added Japanese voice acting as a toggleable option. 

The update to add (or restore) the Japanese voice track to the European Switch edition comes roughly two months after the game's launch in February 2022. As fans pointed out when the game arrived, the European version of the Switch edition lacked Japanese voice acting, while the North American editions, and PS4 and PC editions worldwide, did. Bandai Namco didn't specify a reason for the omission but announced that a patch to address the issue was in the works in March 2023.

Now that patch is out, and Switch owners who prefer the Japanese voice track for the game can play as they will. Bandai thanked those players for their patience in its announcement.

Digimon World: Next Order is available on PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.