Kuro Game showcases new Wuthering Waves closed beta footage

Punishing Gray Raven developer Kuro Game showcased some new gameplay and character footage from Wuthering Waves, its upcoming open-world action RPG. The closed beta test is set to begin on April 24, 2023, and the developer promoted the event with a pair of new trailers revealing gameplay footage and small character moments.

Here's the Wuthering Waves closed beta gameplay trailer:

Described as a "story-rich" open-world game with "a high degree of freedom", Wuthering Waves casts players as a Rover, and tasked with exploring a new world in recovery from a disaster called the Calament.

The gameplay trailer shows off new footage Wuthering Waves in action, depicting various characters moving about a large open-world environment. The characters appear to be able to boost their jumps with a grappling hook-like ability that hauls them into the air for a longer-distance glide. Combat gameplay is also shown off, with characters swapping in and out of combat against various foes. The footage doesn't include UI or button interactions, but gameplay shown during a live-stream preview showed screen-based touch controls on the mobile version, with keyboard-based controls for the PC version.

Check out the character teaser here:

The character teaser shows the character Chixia running through the city on her way to assemble for an adventure. She encounters her teammates Bailian and Yangyang before heading off.

Wuthering Waves is in development for Android, iOS, and PC. Its closed beta test kicks off on April 24, 2023. Kuro Game has not confirmed a global release window since the game was delayed past its original November 2022 target.