Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Future Redeemed DLC launches April 25

Monolith Soft and Nintendo released new info about the upcoming Wave 4 DLC for Xenoblade Chronicles 3. The new story-focused expansion is called "Future Redeemed", and includes new characters, as well as some familiar faces. The DLC itself launches on April 25, 2023, and is available to all holders of the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 expansion pass. The Future Redeemed DLC was initially announced in February alongside Wave 3.

Check out the trailer below. Note that it may contain spoilers for players still going through any of the three numbered Xenoblade Chronicles games.

The trailer shows off looks at the new protagonist of the expansion, Matthew. Glimpses of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 characters Noah and Mio are shown, along with the grown-up versions of Shulk and Rex, who led the casts of Xenoblade Chronicles and Xenoblade Chronicles 2, respectively.

A blog post details more about the different characters. Including Matthew, A, Nael, Glimmer (called Kagiroi in Japanese), Nikol, Shulk, Rex, and others.

Matthew is a young man who belongs to "City", an organization opposed to "Moebius". He fights with enhanced fists. He's straightforward, caring, and seeks his missing sister, Nael. His class is Martial Artist and weapon is the Ouroboros Knuckle.

A wields a thin red blade called the Monado, and is classed as a Monado Fencer. She's levelheaded and calm, a good complement to the hotheaded Matthew.

Nikol is a Keves soldier and ace Machinist. He fights with the Variable Backpack, a set of mechanical arms he made himself. He's calm and quiet, but lights up when talking about machines.

Glimmer (or Kagiroi) uses a staff outfitted with strings. She's stubborn and prone to harsh outbursts. She rejects common sense and acts independently. Her class translates roughly to "Flame-Player", and her combat techniques include her bowing her cane like a double bass. Her weapon name translates roughly to "Heaven's Firelight".

Shulk is a kind-hearted swordsman wielding a red blade in left hand. His many battles have left him with a prosthetic right arm. He arrives to help Glimmer after she's attacked by Moebius. Shulk's class is "Grand Soldier" and his weapon is the Monado R-EX/Improved.

Rex is an imposing swordsman who wields two large swords. He lost the use of his left eye in a past battle. Energetic and frank, he and Shulk lead an organization called the Liberators.

Nael is Matthew's younger sister. She cares for children as part of City, and has gone missing.

This unnamed character appears before Shulk and Rex, but Shulk seems to recognize them.

A relationship chart on the same blog post also reveals other characters, like Gondo, a member of City, and members of Moebius named Z and N. Riku the Nopon is also confirmed as a member of the Liberators.

Nintendo also confirmed that the Pyra and Mythra Smash Bros. Ultimate Amiibos will launch on July 21, 2023. When scanned into Xenoblade Chronicles 3, the Amiibos will unlock a unique Aegis Sword weapon skin usable by Swordfighter-class characters. Noah and Mio Amiibos are also in the works.

Nintendo also previewed the DLC's new battle music:

The Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Future Redeemed DLC launches on April 25, 2023 on the Nintendo Switch. The base game and the previous 3 waves of DLC for it are available now.