Nintendo of America to showcase Indie World on April 19, 2023

In just a matter of hours, Nintendo will be showcasing new indie games heading to the Switch. The company announced that a new Indie World broadcast is scheduled to take place on April 19, 2023 at 09:00 AM Pacific Time (April 20 at 01:00 AM Japan time).

You can watch the broadcast below, or via this link on YouTube.

The presentation is expected to last about 20 minutes, and include reveals, announcements, and updates on new and incoming indie games for the Nintendo Switch. Thanks in part to its ubiquity the Switch has proven a popular target platform for many indie game developers. The Indie World broadcasts help to highlight those games which might otherwise have a harder time being discovered directly on the Nintendo eShop. 

Some recent titles to be featured on a Nintendo Indie World showcase include Rogue Legacy 2, adventure titles like A Space for the Unbound and Coffee Talk 2, and World of Horror, the RPG inspired by the work of Junji Ito and other luminaries of Japanese and Asian horror.