New Ys X: Nordics details introduce new characters and 'Mana Action' system

Nihon Falcom released some new information about Ys X: Nordics, the next game in the legendary Ys series. Announced in late 2022, the game stars series protagonist Adol Christin and is set in a new part of the Ys world: Oberia Bay, a northern archipelago inspired by real-world Scandinavia.

A new round of previews and updates to the official website introduced some of the characters Adol will befriend and fight alongside on his latest adventure.

A recurring Ys character since the earliest entries, Dogi first met Adol in the first game and has appeared in almost every entry since. He's good-natured and an excellent fistfighter. 

Glen is a part of Karnak's local town watch. Though positive and insightful, his passion sometimes leads him to be distracted by tangents.

Rosalind is the star server of the Rasveli Tavern, and is nicknamed "Rosa". With a goodly temperament and a scolding streak, she cares for Adol and her friends.

Cruz (or Krus) Carpent is a trading company heir and old friend to Glen and Rosalind. A book-lover, he was so curious he nearly stowed away on a ship to the Romun Empire when he was younger.

Nihon Falcom also introduced a new system called "Mana Actions". It's the umbrella term for a series of context-specific actions Adol and company can take to make the most of combat and the environment. "Mana String" is a grappling hook-like ability that uses a line of mana to travel between set points, and can also manipulate certain objects. "Mana Ride" enables a form of transportation called the Grimble Board, a hoverboard-like vehicle. "Mana Burst" unleashes elemental attacks based on the active character. Adol releases a firey strike while Carja wields ice. Mana Bursts can also manipulate the environment to open new pathways.

Ys X: Nordics