Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters Switch version unveiled for Japan

Compile Heart has announced that a Switch edition of its latest Hyperdimension Neptunia title, Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters is headed to shelves and libraries in Japan. The new port will launch in early August 2023, and also include a couple of extra features. An international release of the Switch edition has not yet been announced.

Check out a trailer for the Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters Switch version below.

According to Compile Heart's press release, the game will release in Japan on August 10, 2023. It'll also have a couple of new features to sweeten the deal for Switch buyers. 

First off, the characters Maho and Anri, who debut in Sisters VS Sisters, will be playable from the start of the game. Maho and Anri are refugees from the PC continent, who are live in GameIndustri after the apparently failed mission by the Goddesses to take down Arfoire years ago. They play major roles in the game's core narrative, as well.

Additionally, Compile Heart will implement "Heartful Photo Mode", a mode that will allow players to take customized screenshots of the characters. The mode will support the use of visual filters and stickers, including a "Manga Filter" that makes the screen look like drawn line art. The photo mode will also support the use of stickers, custom frames, and text balloons.

Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters is a spin-off of the core Hyperdimension Neptunia series, and stars the "Goddess Candidates", younger members of the Neptunia cast whose identities map to various handheld systems of their era. The premise of the story follows the Candidates as they wake up from being trapped in slumber for over two years while the Goddesses were away. GameIndustri is on the verge of collapse, with the advent of a mysterious device called the "rPhone". Nepgear and her friends will need to find out what happened and restore peace to GameIndustri.

Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters is available on PS4, PS5, and PC. It'll launch on Switch in Japan on August 10, 2023. In RPG Site's official review of the game, Nathan praised the game's balance of humor and impactful story beats, and called it "the first Neptunia game in a long time that I really enjoyed playing."