Honkai Star Rail introduces the Aeons in Myriad Celestia trailer

A new trailer for Honkai Star Rail introduces players and fans to a bit of the lore behind the game's space fantasy setting. Part 1 of the "Myriad Celestia" series, the new trailer describes the "Aeons".

Check out the video below.

In "Myriad Celestia Part 1: Fables About the Stars", a mysterious fortune teller (whose name isn't yet confirmed officially) proposes "an exchange of memories", and speaks of the Aeons of Honkai Star Rail's settings. The Aeons are powerful beings that reside deep in the sea of stars. They're beings who have achieved apotheosis, coming to embody a range of abstract concepts, and functioning much in the same way as deities.

Barely comprehensible by mortals, Aeons are spoken of in legends by the lifeforms of the universe. Aeons are associated with Paths, which are modes of action and behaviour associated with a particular Aeon. Treading an Aeon's path connects a mortal to an Aeon, and in some cases grants them special power. In-game this is expressed by the different Paths of each character determining their general play style.

The Myriad Celestia describes Aeons associated with playable Paths: Nanook, the Destruction, Lan, the Hunt, Nous, the Erudition, Yaoshi, the Abundance, IX, the Nihility, Qlipoth, the Preservation, and Xipe, the Harmony. Other Aeons' paths, like the Elation, the Voracity, and the Propagation. The trailer closes with mention of Akivili, the Trailblaze. Akivili is the "patron" Aeon of the Astral Express, and appears to have some special connection with the player character.

Honkai Star Rail is available on PC and mobile platforms, with a PlayStation release planned. Check out RPG Site's guides to the game for tips and tricks.