NIS America releases demo for Monster Menu: The Scavenger's Cookbook

Monster Menu: The Scavenger's Cookbook, the Tactical-RPG and dungeon crawler mashup from Nippon-Ichi Software, has received a surprise demo leading up to the game's English release today. The demo is currently available for all 3 of the game's confirmed platforms - Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

Players can get a taste of the game before committing to the full course on PlayStation 4, 5 and Nintendo Switch later this month - on May 23 for North America, and May 26 for Europe. Demo saves will transfer to the full game once it has launched, per the details on the PlayStation Store page.

Monster Menu: The Scavenger's Cookbook is coming to Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PS5 on May 23, 2023! May 26, 2023 in Europe and June 2, 2023 in Oceania.

Grab your pack and loosen your belt as you explore the dungeons within Monster Menu: The Scavenger's Cookbook and scour for the resources needed to survive! Scavenge, traverse, and fight to gather ingredients used to make life-sustaining meals! But beware, not all cooking is delicious!

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