New Crymachina trailer gives an overview of systems and combat

FuRyu and developer Aquria have a new gameplay trailer out for Crymachina, and it goes over many of the game's systems in some detail. The nearly 8-minute trailer covers both the premise of Crymachina as well as some of the action RPG's unique mechanics [Thanks, Denfaminico Gamer!].

Check it out below:

The Crymachina gameplay overview trailer is divided into various sections, narrated by the characters Enoa and Leben. In "Eden, the Sowing Struct", the game world of Eden is detailed. A massive structure based in space, Eden is ruled by godlike machines made by humanity. These machines rule over the others in Eden and continue the goal of reviving a long-dead human race. The main characters are machines known as EVE, built for combat and fighting to be recognized by the divine machines as "true humans", so that they can stop killing to survive.

Other elements, like the game's weapon system of "Armaments" and "Auxiliaries" are explained. Players can customize which armaments a cbharacter wields, and use Auxiliaries to further tune their moves and combat properties. New weapons and "personality data" can be acquired in combat, character interactions, and defeating unique foes. Personality data can be used for further customization, and serves the narrative purpose of "saving" those whose personality data is being used without consent.

Crymachina is headed to Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PS5. Its Japanese launch date was recently pushed back to July 27, 2023.