Punishing Gray Raven PC edition launched, includes support for gamepads

The sci-fi action RPG Punishing Gray Raven is now native to PCs. Developer Kuro Game launched an official PC-based client for the game on May 15, 2023. The client allows players to play the game on PC without the need for an emulator program to mediate.

Additionally, the PC client natively supports both gamepad and mouse-and-keyboard controls. Previously, emulated instances of Punishing Gray Raven supported gamepad controls only indirectly, mapping specific pad inputs to taps or swipes on a virtual touch screen.

Here's a quick guide to the PC client featuring character Nanami.

The PC client allows cross-platform syncing of progress, enabling players to play across multiple devices. However, Rainbow Cards, the game's premium currency, aren't transferrable, so players will have to buy and spend them on the same platform.

Besides the launch of the PC client, Kuro Game also debuted "Her Last Bow" a new major content update with new story chapters and playable characters. The featured character is Nanami: Starfarer, a Tank Omniframe. Nanami uses "Future Simulation" to explore alternative universes to try to bring the future back to humanity. Cosmetic "coatings" are also available for the Omniframes Kamui: Tenebrion and Bianca: Veritas, as well as one for Nanami.

Check out a trailer for Her Last Bow below.

Punishing Gray Raven is available on PC, iOS, an Android.