Final Fantasy XIV 6.4 Patch Notes detail full job changes and buffs to Tank classes

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.4 is officially live, and Square Enix has revealed the full patch notes for the game's latest major update. As covered in previous posts on the topic, Patch 6.4 includes a number of changes both major and minor for the long-running MMORPG. These include new story quests, challenging raids, gear sets, and activities for players to do when not following the narrative.

The patch notes also reveal detailed changes to the various playable Jobs in Final Fantasy XIV. The changes that landed with FFXIV Patch 6.4 are wide in distribution but for the most part fairly specific in scope, with the exception of the Tank classes. As mentioned in previous previews of Patch 6.4, the development team took a look at the performance of the different Tank Jobs (Paladin, Dark Knight, Warrior, and Gunbreaker) with an eye on improving Tank players' ability to output damage. The changes aim to improve the non-Dark Knight Tanks' damage output to come closer to the output possible on a Dark Knight. 

The changes mainly consist of small but noticeable improvements to the Potency of various Job skills. For example, the Paladin's Riot Blade rose in Potency from 120 to 124. On average, most non-Dark Knight Tank skills gained 20 to 40 Potency.

DPS Jobs saw significant tweaks to the Samurai and Dragoon. The underlying position-tracking mechanics of the Dragoon's Jump and High Jump attacks were changed, so that Dragoons are less likely to accidentally end up in a dangerous area because they used their signature skill. Samurai players will also benefit from a significant boost to the damage of some of the most powerful Samurai attacks, like Ogi Namikiri and Hissatsu: Senei. Black Mages saw a Potency buff to their Xenoglossy skill, too.

Aside from those tweaks, nearly every Job received a significant buff to the Effect Radius of various buffing skills. In some cases the effect radius was as much as doubled. The buffs will make the positioning to maximize the effect of a player's buffs on their party more forgiving.

The patch also has more content aside from Job adjustments. New quests in the Main Scenario will also unlock a new playable dungeon, the Aetherfont, and a new Trial, The Voidcast Dais. A new tier of Normal Raid, Pandaemonium: Anabaesios, also debuted. 

Final Fantasy XIV is available on PS4, PS5, and PC.