Sony Project Q Handheld is a streaming accessory for the PS5

The latest Sony PlayStation Showcase event brought official confirmation of earlier rumors - that Sony is working on a new handheld gaming device. Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan introduced the device, currently codenamed "Project Q" during the stream. The same showcase also brought an announcement of the first set of PlayStation Earbuds. The earbuds work with PS5 and PC, and smart devices via Bluetooth.

Check out this clip shared by the official PlayStation YouTube account to see it:

The Project Q device is a handheld combination of the PlayStation 5's DualSense controller and an 8-inch LED screen. According to Ryan's narration, the device requires a PS5 to operate, as it does not play games itself, but rather streams them over wi-fi from the owner's PS5 console. In that sense, it's less like a Nintendo Switch or Sony's own PS Vita and more like the Nintendo Wii U's Gamepad, which was a screen-equipped controller that could, in a pinch, double up as a wireless monitor for the main Wii U console. Sony's intent for the device seems clear: Project Q is an accessory for PS5  owners who want to add a little bit of portability to their home console experience. Rather than be bound to whatever room the PS5 is physically installed in, they can use a Project Q device to play their PS5 games from a different part of their house.

That being said, Project Q works with the PS5's existing Remote Play functionality, which means that the above scenario is already possible right now. PS5 owners can play PS5 games remotely using the Remote Play app, which is available on smart TVs, smartphones and tablets, PC, and even on the PS4. Those solutions, though, tend to use alternative methods to control the game, such as touch-screen control maps or 3rd-party Bluetooth gamepads. By comparison, Project Q's controller retains all the features and hardware of the DualSense controller.

The PS5 Project Q accessory is in development. Sony plans to release more information about it later in 2023.