Fate/Grand Order Flashback trailer recaps Lostbelt storyline

Trying to remember what happened in the Fate/Grand Order story? Aniplex has a trailer to show you. With the latest campaign expansion approaching, the publisher released a lengthy "Flashback" trailer to help players catch up with the game's ongoing Cosmos in the Lostbelt storyline (also known as Fate/Grand Order Part 2).

Check it out below. Be warned, the trailer contains major spoilers for the entire Cosmos in the Lostbelt campaign up to Lostbelt No.5:

The Flashback trailer is narrated by Kirschtaria Wodime, leader of the Crypters. The Crypters are the main antagonists of Cosmos in the Lostbelt, and initiated the phenomenon that scoured the Earth clean of life following the conclusions of Fate/Grand Order Part 1 (the original "Seven Singularities" storyline) and Part 1.5 (the Epic of Remnant side stories). The Crypters also planted massive "Trees of Emptiness" at certain points on the Earth's bleached surface. The trees formed the core of an area dominated by a "Lostbelt", where an alternate history of Earth replaces the true history.

Rather than a straight recall of events as players experienced them, Kirschtaria narrates the history of FGO Part 2 from his perspective and that of the Crypters themselves. In fact, portions of the narration even take place in an alternate experience of FGO Part 1. In this telling, it was Kirschtaria and his fellow Crypters Kadoc Zemlupus, Ophelia Phamrsolone, Hinako Akuta, and Scandinavia Pepperoncino who journeyed through the seven Singularities as "Team A", the elite group of Masters from Chaldea, there to serve the organization's purpose to quell threats to human existence.

The narration also features lines from the other Crypters, speaking of their experiences in the different Lostbelts. All the narration originally debuted during the anniversary celebration of the Japanese edition of Fate/Grand Order. As Fate/Grand Order doesn't feature full voice acting, the flashback presentation represents the first time many original Cosmos in the Lostbelt characters had the opportunity to be heard at length. Their conflicts foreshadow the ones seen in the updated intro sequence for Fate/Grand Order, seen below.

Meanwhile, Aniplex also opened a special site in February as part of its "Countdown to Lostbelt No. 6", the next chapter in the saga. There visitors can see art, video, and character information for the different chapters' casts. Aniplex (alongside developer Lasengle), will host a special livestream to promote the update on June 5, 2023. Though the companies haven't confirmed an exact date for the debut of Lostbelt No.6, it's expected to go live in the month of June, as the English edition of FGO roughly follows the update pacing of the original Japanese version. The Japanese version saw it release on June 11, 2021.

Fate/Grand Order is available on iOS and Android devices.