Nikke Queen's Order event adds mobster Rosanna to the roster

Publisher Level Infinite and developer Shift Up have kicked off a new limited-time event in Goddess of Victory: Nikke, their sci-fi shooter-RPG. The latest event is titled "Queen's Order," and introduces a new playable character to the roster. 

The new addition is Rosanna. She's the leader of Hedonia, one of the three largest criminal organizations in the Ark (humanity's underground city and refuge). Unbeknownst to her subordinates, though, Rosanna, alongside fellow crime bosses Sakura and Moran, is a member of she's also a member of Underworld Queen, a secret squad of Nikkes in the employ of Mustang, the CEO of Ark megacompany Tetra Line. Together they rule the Ark's most powerful criminal gangs as a way of keeping a lid on the settlement's rowdier elements.

In battle, Rosanna is a machinegun-wielding unit with abilities suited for use in Nikke's PVP arena. She can conceal herself, preventing enemy teams from targeting her, and remove enemy units' buffs, while also charging her Burst and boosting her attack power when an ally falls. Her Burst attack allows her to immediately target and inflict massive damage on two enemy team members, with even more damage if she's got her concealment up.

The Queen's Order event stars Rosanna as she approaches the player Commander for aid: A secretive new faction in the underground are targeting her and her subordinates. With the help of the Commander and Sakura, Rosanna will get some answers - and some payback.


✅: Manufacturer: TETRA LINE
✅: Affiliation: Underworld Queen
✅: Weapon: MG: Golden Thompson

Leader of Hedonia, a sizable criminal gang. Loves messing around and fiddling with life and death. Everyone is always anxious around her.#NIKKE #Rosanna


Running from June 1 through June 15, 2023, the event will give Goddess of Victory: Nikke players a storyline to run through and stages to complete for a special currency that can be traded for goodies like recruitment tickets and resources. During the same period, Rosanna will be part of the Limited Recruitment banner, and have a higher drop rate for players with tickets or gems to spare. After the event, Rosanna will join the general recruitment pool.

In addition to the Queen's Order event, the latest update to Nikke will also add a new limited-time cooperative stage for squads of up to 5 players to tackle as a team, as well as an update for the recently released PC edition of the game to improve mouse controls.

Goddess of Victory: Nikke is available on Android, iOS, and PC. The Queen's Order event runs until June 15, 2023.