Astlibra Revision gets a revised English localization patch

Whispergames and Keizo have released a new update for Astlibra Revision, offering a fully revised English localization for the game, alongside a Korean localization.

Astlibra Revision launched for PC (Steam) on October 13, 2022. In our review of the game, Chao stated that "Astlibra Revision captures the perfect definition of a hidden gem. Its engrossing gameplay and narrative make it an easy recommendation to fans of the 2D action RPG genre." However, he criticized the quality of the English translation as feeling "unnaturally stiff", which the publisher decided to address due to feedback. For those who prefer the original translation, a Legacy Localization is still available.

Additionally, the game's upcoming Nintendo Switch version has statedly been completed and is currently going through the submission process for release.

The patch notes can be found below. For more on Astlibra, we also have an exclusive interview with Keizo in which we discuss the game's creation.


Hello everyone,

Cue the drumroll, because we have two major announcements to make!

New English Localization+
A long time coming, and finally here… the fully revised English translation, as well as the Korean localization, are now available on Steam!

Legacy English Localization
We are aware that some of you guys still want the legacy English localization. We’ve made the legacy English localization available as a public Beta branch. Perform the following steps to access this branch:

  • Right-click on Astlibra Revision in your Steam Library.
  • Choose Properties from the shortcut menu.
  • Choose Betas, and then select “old_english” from the drop-down menu.
  • Update the game.

Please note that the purpose for this branch is only for players who want to experience the old English translations. It will NOT be updated in the future.

Nintendo Switch Version
We are happy to announce that porting to Nintendo Switch has been completed! We are currently going through Astlibra's submission process and although we don’t know how long this might take, you’re one step closer to enjoying Karon’s levels of freedom enjoying Astlibra on the go! Keep your eyes peeled for a follow-up announcement.

To celebrate this amazing news, we will be running a 20% discount on Astlibra Revision until the 6th of June. If you were looking for the right opportunity to gift a copy to a friend or buy one for yourself, now is your chance.

A heartfelt thank you for all your continued feedback and support!

WhisperGames Team