Sacrifire gets a new gameplay trailer during Guerilla Collective 2023 Showcase

During the Guerilla Collective 2023 Showcase, developer Pixelated Milk shared a new look at the upcoming JRPG-inspired project Sacrifire. The new footage showcases a fair bit of combat and exploration gameplay, some snippets of the English voiceover work, and of course a distinctly Motoi Sakuraba soundtrack.

Sacrifire was formally announced during the PC Gaming Show back in 2021, along with a successful Kickstarter campaign. It was delayed from a 2022 release date to a 2023 release date last summer, but a release window has yet to be specified. 

Take a look at the trailer and information from the developer below. Sacrifire is planning to release for PC, Xbox and PlayStation consoles, and Nintendo Switch.

Warsaw, Poland – 07.06.2023 - Pixelated Milk, independent game development studio behind the Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs and Warsaw,  unveiled a new trailer for their upcoming RPG, SacriFire, at Guerrilla Collective Showcase.

The trailer provided a peek into the expansive world of SacriFire, showcasing new locations that players will have the opportunity to explore. From vibrant city to treacherous dungeons and untamed wilderness, each locale promises a unique atmosphere and a wealth of secrets waiting to be discovered.

SacriFire takes inspiration from classical JRPGs, seamlessly blending action and turn-based mechanics to create an engaging and dynamic gameplay experience. The newly unveiled trailer showcased thrilling battle sequences, where players must carefully strategize while embracing fast-paced action. Furthermore, the video revealed an exciting glimpse of a menacing new boss, hinting at the thrilling and challenging battles that await players in SacriFire.

SacriFire's captivating gameplay is accompanied by the exceptional music of renowned composer Motoi Sakuraba. With his incredible talent known from titles like Eternal SonataTales series, Star OceanGolden Sun, and Dark Souls, Sakuraba enriches the immersive experience of SacriFire. "We are thrilled to share this new trailer with our fans and the gaming community," said Bartosz Lojewski, studio head and game director of SacriFire at Pixelated Milk. "The development is going well, and we can't wait to reveal even more of the game's exciting features later this year."

SacriFire is planned to launch on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

About SacriFire:
SacriFire is an upcoming RPG developed by Pixelated Milk, offering a captivating blend of strategic turn-based combat and immersive storytelling. Set in a vast and enchanting world, players embark on an epic adventure, exploring diverse locations, engaging in thrilling battles, and uncovering the secrets that lie within. With its visually striking art style, innovative combat mechanics, and emotionally engaging narrative, SacriFire aims to deliver a unique and unforgettable RPG experience.