Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis trailer shows off combat and story, pre-registrations open

Square Enix revealed more of its upcoming mobile RPG Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis at the ongoing 2023 Summer Game Fest live show. It also announced that pre-registrations for the game are open on iOS and Android. Android registrants will also be given a chance to participate in a closed beta that will take place between July 6 and 13, 2023.

Check out the trailer below:

The trailer shows off Sephiroth attempting to contact Crisis Core character Genesis Rhapsodos in a CG cutscene. The actual gameplay of Ever Crisis will be split between field exploration using simplified, slightly chibi-style character models and combat using full-scale characters. The combat system appears to be a more static rendition of Final Fantasy VII Remake's combat system, with a charging ATB gauge and actions that drain it. Familiar characters like Cloud and company are shown in new outfits and with new gear. A storyline featuring "Team Glen", a group from the novel FFVII Remake Trace of Two Pasts is also shown. Character Glen Reiner and his companions also participate in combat.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis is billed as a "chapter-structured RPG experience." It's intended to explore the timeline of Final Fantasy VII's world, including the events of the original game, as well as spin-offs like Crisis Core. New story material penned by FFVII Remake writer Kazushige Nojima will also be included, such as adventures starring Sephiroth earlier in his SOLDIER career.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis is in development for iOS and Android. Pre-registrations are open, with a planned closed beta test on Android to kick off from July 6-13, 2023 in select regions.