Time-looping RPG In Stars and Time reveals new gameplay trailer

During the Future Of Play Direct, Armor Games Studios and insertdisc5 revealed a new gameplay trailer for In Stars and Time. Additionally, the publisher announced that the time-looping RPG will now also launch for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 later this year, in addition to the previously-announced Nintendo Switch and PC versions.

The new gameplay trailer, details, and new screenshots can be found below, via Armor Games Studios and insertdisc5. The official website is here.

Today, during the GLITCH Future of Play Direct at Summer Game Fest, Adrienne Bazir (insertdisc5) and Armor Games Studios proudly announced that In Stars and Time, the turn-based, time-loop RPG adventure, is coming to PlayStation 4/5 later this year! Check out the gorgeous new rock, paper, scissors gameplay trailer.

In Stars and Time tells the story of Siffrin and their adventurer friends Mirabelle, Isabeau, Odile, and Bonnie - a found family fated to repeat the same two days over and over again as they fight to save the world from the tyrannical reign of an evil king. Thing is, only Siffrin knows that his party is stuck in a time-loop, and each fresh start takes an inevitable toll…

Try not to die (again) when In Stars and Time launches later this year on PC, Nintendo Switch, and now, PlayStation 4/5! Wishlist the adventure on Steam today, and look forward to playing an updated demo at Steam Next Fest from June 19-26: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1677310/In_Stars_And_Time/ 


  • Save the world through the power of Rock, Paper, Scissors in strategic turn-based RPG combat encounters.
  • Ignore the limits of time and space to fix your past mistakes by repeating the same two days over and over again.
  • Equip your memories of your friends to make your party stronger in combat.
  • Watch the fate of this world unfold as you escape the twists and turns of this endless (???) loop.
  • Eat samosas with your friends!
  • Get heckled by a cheeky ethereal being of infinite starlight.
  • Pray to a god for good luck in your travels. You’re gonna need it.