Versus Evil shares a Steam Next Fest trailer for Broken Roads

Versus Evil has released a new trailer for Broken Roads, commemorating a new demo now available on the CRPG's Steam page during Steam Next Fest (June 19 - June 26).

Broken Roads is a post-apocalyptic classic computer-styled RPG in the vein of Fallout set in the Australian Outback, with a key mechanic called the Moral Compass. You can shape your character's personal philosophy by the ways you respond to certain decisions made throughout the game, and your character's morality can affect components such as dialogue choices and passive skills.

The game has been in development for several years at Australian developer Drop Bear Bytes, including a publisher change last year from Team17 to Versus Evil.

The trailer and details can be found below. Broken Roads is currently set to release for PC (Steam) in 2023. The developer has also previously stated plans for a console release.

Download the Broken Roads demo on Steam now:

We’re excited to announce that Broken Roads is participating in Steam Next Fest this year, and our demo is available now for you to download! 

In this demo, you’ll play as the Hired Gun, one of the four origin stories available in the full game. As the Hired Gun, you’ll have unique attributes and starting skills, as well as a certain reputation around the world, which will affect how people you meet along the way will interact with you. 

Get a taste of Broken Roads’ turn-based combat, Moral Compass system, and gorgeous hand-drawn visuals as you explore a post-apocalyptic Western Australia and meet its inhabitants, each with their own individual stories and motives.