Tower of Fantasy launches for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 on August 8

Perfect World Games has announced that Tower of Fantasy will launch for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 on August 8. The announcement was made via PlayStation Blog. Developed by Hotta Studio, the free-to-play open-world action RPG previously released for PC and mobile devices in August 2022

Importantly, the PlayStation versions of the game are operated by Perfect World Games, whereas the PC/mobile versions are operated by Level Infinite. That means that there will be no cross-platform connectivity between the PlayStation and  PC/mobile versions, and purchases will not transfer between the separate versions. More details can be found on the official website. Pre-orders for paid editions are now available via PlayStation Store.

A pre-order trailer and details can be found below. Thanks to Gematsu for the heads-up!

Liu Huo, the fierce fighter with an artistic soul

After the release on PlayStation, all wanderers can take an adventure in the map called Domain 9, filled with eastern aesthetics. You’ll also encounter an intriguing character named Liu Huo—a spirited and formidable girl with an undeniable passion for martial arts. She loves to wear a vibrant red dress reflecting her prowess in combat and her role as the guardian of Farewellville. However, there’s more to Liu Huo than meets the eye. Beyond her rough exterior lies a burning passion for the arts, particularly painting, and calligraphy. Join Liu Huo as she strives to balance her pursuit of elegance with her spirited nature, and witness firsthand the extraordinary journey that awaits her.

To reflect Liu Huo’s personality, we put a lot of thought into designing her appearance, combat actions, and skill effects. There are many eastern elements can be found in Liu Huo’s appearance. Her outer garment is made of silk with embroidered golden patterns on the collar. Her weapon is a giant brush called Pine Comet, which suits her refined taste. Additionally, the character “霸”  is written on her legs, symbolizing her dominant personality. 

When designing her combat moves, we fused calligraphy and martial arts, capturing the essence of ink painting. We utilized vibrant blue and orange flames to intensify the visual impact, employing brushstrokes to convey varying levels of intensity. As Liu Huo unleashes her weapon “Pine Comet” in battle, it’s as if she wields a brush, evoking a formidable presence. However, keen-eyed observers familiar with Chinese characters might catch a stroke error. It appears that Liu Huo still has room to grow on her path to be a real artist.

Immersive PS5 features

The DualSense wireless controller allows us to provide an immersive experience through haptic feedback. During intense battles, when hitting enemies or facing moments of crisis with significant blood loss, the controller’s haptics help you accurately assess the current combat environment. Outside of combat, appropriate haptics during key story moments create a thrilling experience. When racing, the controller’s vibrations accompany intense collisions, making it feel like a steering wheel and immersing you in the excitement of high-speed racing.

Moreover, you can communicate with teammates through the controller’s built-in microphone, making the vast world less lonely.

At the same time, the stunning 4K graphics and visual effects of the PS5 provide players with a high-resolution gaming experience. Currently, Tower of Fantasy features diverse map styles, including the sci-fi wasteland style of Aesperia, the cyberpunk metropolis of Mirroria, the deep underwater world of Innars, and the upcoming magical eastern world of Domain 9. In the 4K mode on PlayStation, the neon lights of Mirroria become mesmerizing, the Grand Sea undergoes dynamic changes, and the clouds and red maple of Domain 9 exhibit a mysterious eastern charm, further enhancing the visual experience.