The Witcher 3 Bishoujo Ciri figure joins Bishoujo Geralt

The Witcher 3 Bishoujo line of figures is about to get bigger. In addition to the female reinterpretation of protagonist Geralt of Rivia, Kotobukiya announced that it will produce a Bishoujo figure based on one of The Witcher 3's "canonical" bishoujo characters: Ciri.

Unveiled at Anime Expo 2023, the new Witcher 3 Bishoujo Ciri figure is once again based on a design by artist Shunya Yamashita. At the moment, the figure does not have a prototype ready, and the illustration by Yamashita is all fans have to go on.

Shown beside the Bishoujo Geralt illustration, Bishoujo Ciri is shown wearing clothes similar to those she wears in-game. She holds her silver Witcher sword and strikes a glamorous pose in contrast the to more combat-ready stance of her adoptive trainer.

According to Kotobukiya, the Bishoujo Ciri figure is still in development. The Geralt figure will ship in February 2024 in Japan.