NieR Automata 2B Masterline statue is 1/3rd scale, will cost almost $1800 USD

Square Enix has announced a new sculpture based on NieR Automata, and it'll go for a pretty penny. The latest NieR Automata 2B Masterline statue is based on the Android soldier YoRHa No. 2 Type B ("2B"), the poster character for the game.

The announcement was accompanied by a preview video showing off the statue.

The preview shows off both the standard model and deluxe ("DX") model of the NieR Automata 2B Masterline statue. The statue is sculpted at 1/3rd scale. Including its base, it stands 97 centimeters tall (about 3'3" tall). Made of polystone (a polyurethane-powdered stone compound material), it weighs 22.6 kilograms (about 50 pounds).

The statue depicts 2B striking a pose atop a pile of rubble, with her Pod robot hovering beside her. The rubble consists of destroyed Machine Lifeform parts, parts from a YoRHa flight unit, and a small bust of an Android soldier in battle armor saluting mankind. The YoRHa emblem is also rendered in chrome on the base of the statue. 2B herself is dressed in her standard outfit, and special attention was given in the sculpting to represent the lacy, patterned "window" on the dress' chest area. She holds the Virtuous Contract sword, with the Virtuous Treaty greatsword planted in the base behind her.

The DX edition of the NieR Automata 2B Masterline statue comes with additional parts to change up 2B's look. A swappable head part allows buyers to show 2B without her signature YoRHa blindfold. A swappable torso part removes the skirt of 2B's outfit, replicating her look after she engages her self-destruct function (which blows off her skirt in-game).

This statue will also cost an ultra-premium price. The standard edition costs 253,000 Yen (about $1,777 USD) and the DX edition costs 275,000 Yen (about $1,932 USD). Pre-orders of the NieR Automata 2B Masterline statue are open via the Square Enix store in Japan and will ship in March 2024.

Check out more pictures of the statue below:

NieR Automata Masterline Statue