Aniplex releases Fate/Grand Order anime comedy series You've Lost Ritsuka Fujimaru

Aniplex, which operates the English edition of Fate/Grand Order, has begun releasing English-language localized episodes of You've Lost Ritsuka Fujimaru, an anime comedy series focused on the game and its many characters. 

The series itself is based on the gag manga, Fate/Grand Order - Fujimaru Ritsuka wa Wakaranai by creator Tsuchida and serialized in Type-Moon Comic Ace magazine. The animated episodes debuted on the Japanese Fate/Grand Order YouTube channel December 31, 2023. New episodes debut each week, often featuring different Servants and their respective voice actors.

Check out the localized pilot and the first episode embedded below:

The pilot "Special Episode" first premiered during Aniplex and Lasengle's yearly New Year's Eve live stream event, where new developments and Type-Moon-related projects are announced. It pokes fun at many players' tendency to use Berserker-class Servants as all-purpose teams, and on finding new ways to make the AP-restoring Golden Fruit item palatable.

The first episode stars Servant Cú Chulainn (the original Fate Lancer) and Mash, delving into the reason Fujimaru's odd tendency to take naps on the floor, as in the introductory mission to Fate/Grand Order.

Fate/Grand Order is available on iOS and Android devices.