Fate/Grand Order Oberon banner brings a new class of Servant to the game

The saga of Faerie Britain is coming to an end. Aniplex debuted the concluding half of the latest main story chapter in Fate/Grand Order's English edition. Part of the ongoing Lostbelt No. 6 campaign chapter (also known as "Avalon le Fae"), the new narrative sequences put players on the road to confronting Beryl Gut, one of the remaining Crypters that wiped out Earth's history to replace it with alternative timelines. To commemorate the conclusion, the game also received a new premium summon banner introducing an entirely new class of playable Servant: The Pretender.

The Pretender class is an "Extra Class" Servant that exists outside the standard Servant classes originally seen in Fate/Stay Night. The Pretender class is new to the Fate franchise. It represents Heroic Spirits that gained their fame and status while inhabiting the role of another. The first Pretender-class Servant of the class is Oberon, who plays a major role in the Avalon le Fae storyline. Players can spend their Saint Quartz on his summoning banner for a chance to get him for their rosters.

Check out Oberon's Noble Phantasm animation below:

As a class of character, Pretenders are somewhat like opposite numbers to the Alter Ego class. Where Alter Egos have the advantage against the Cavalry classes (especially Rider, Caster, and Assassin), Pretenders have the advantage against the Knight classes (Saber, Archer, and Lancer). Meanwhile, Pretenders are also at a disadvantage against Cavalry classes and Foreigner Servants. 

Oberon himself is a potent support Servant. Somewhat like Merlin, he can boost the Noble Phantasm strength of his allies, charge their NP gauges, and improve the performance of their Buster-element attacks. His own Noble Phantasm does damage to enemies as well as stripping their offensive boosts, at the cost of making them invincible for a turn. Paired with the 6th Anniversary Servant Koyanskaya of Light, Oberon is a key part of party composition in a new Buster-oriented metagame that allows Servants to repeatedly use their NPs.

The Fate/Grand Order Oberon banner will run until July 26, 2023. The game itself is available on Android and iOS devices.