Atlas Fallen sand surfs in with a comedic 'Lord of the Sands' trailer

Focus Entertainment and Deck13 shared a new trailer for Atlas Fallen that has some live-action and new gameplay footage.

An old man stares into a crystal ball dramatizing the premise of how your protagonist in Atlas Fallen is the one that must liberate humanity from the gods. He gazes into it and is left baffled when he sees the protagonist... surfing... on sand.

Then, the trailer transitions over into some new clips of gameplay that emphasizes the game's feature of allow players to freely surf on the sand to get around faster. Some combat and co-op clips are shared as well.

We went hands-on with Atlas Fallen in March; there was also recently a combat trailer and a developer presentation too.

Atlas Fallen releases for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (Steam) on August 10.

Today Focus Entertainment and its studio Deck13 Interactive shared a new trailer before the imminent launch of Atlas Fallen, the superpowered action RPG where you’ll battle legendary creatures in an epic, sand-covered fantasy world, coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC on August 10. Watch the “Lord of the Sands” trailer to discover new gameplay footage and a jaw-dropping vision of your journey in Atlas Fallen!

Seize the divine power of a mysterious Gauntlet and wield heroic abilities to defeat a tyrannic, almighty god. Tame the sands into a shapeshifting weapon and watch it grow larger as you build Momentum to unleash the full, irrepressible power of the Gauntlet.

The 151 Essence Stones that can be found in the world of Atlas grant you a wide range of extra effects and abilities. Whether you prefer to play aggressively, or more carefully with a mix of shields, debuffs and healing, you can combine Essence Stones how you like to create your own approach to combat.

Propel yourself in the air and glide across the dunes thanks to your sand-infused powers, experiencing incredible speed, verticality and mobility as you explore the vast and timeless land of Atlas and fight its terrifying beasts. Atlas Fallen delivers a fascinating world filled with mysteries and a variety of enemies to defeat through breathtaking action, supported by deep progression and customization systems.