New Persona 5 Tactica trailer and screenshots introduce Yoshiki, battle mechanics, difficulty settings, and the 'Repaint Your Heart' DLC content

Sega and Atlus have released a new trailer, new screenshots, and new information for Persona 5 Tactica, detailing Yoshiki, battle mechanics, difficulty settings, and the 'Repaint Your Heart' DLC content. We also get a reintroduction to the rest of the Phantom Thieves.

The trailer, details, and screenshots can all be found below, via Atlus.

Persona 5 Tactica is set to release on November 17 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC (Steam). The 'Repaint Your Heart Challenge' DLC pack is also included in the game's Digital Deluxe Edition.

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Note: We have embedded the multiplatform English Asian version of the trailer, since it has English subtitles in the video, and Atlus West has not uploaded their own trailer.

Yoshiki Kingdom


A stark contrast from the French Revolution vibe of Marie’s Kingdom,​ The Phantom Thieves and Erina now find themselves in a Kingdom​ reminiscent of mid-1800s Japan.

Before they can even catch their breath, the Phantom Thieves see a woman ​in crisis. While they successfully save her, they become wanted criminals​ in the process. According to Yuki, the woman they saved, the Kingdom’s​ ruler, Yoshiki, is seen as a moral and loving leader, but she claims this is​ only a façade.​

In truth, Kingdom citizens are subject to constant surveillance, excused by​ a need to watch over the citizens. Anyone who shows a whiff of dissent towards ​Yoshiki is captured immediately and taken away to perform labor under force.​

​Joker and the team decide to stand up to Yoshiki. To do so, they must free​ the imprisoned citizens in military posts throughout the Kingdom.

To avoid the watchful eye of Yoshiki’s Legionnaires, who he calls the Aizen Squad, the Phantom Thieves are led by Yuki to a local​ kimono shop.​

After disguising as samurai, geisha, and other citizens, the team decides to enact Toshiro’s diversionary strategy so as to escape with the imprisoned citizens unharmed.​

While the team’s plan is successful, their joy is short-lived.​ Yoshiki descends from the sky, his serene demeanor now replaced with a terrifying rage. Now the Phantom Thieves and friends will face the full might of this Kingdom’s ruler.

Character List

Yusuke Kitagawa

VA = Matthew Mercer


A second-year art student from Kosei High School, well known for his artwork. Although his trusted mentor used to take advantage of those skills, once Yusuke met the Phantom Thieves, he finds the strength to stand up to his mentor. In the process he awakens to his Persona and joins the Phantom Thieves. Although his good looks often draw the attention of others, because of his artistic inclinations, his behavior is eccentric enough to be off-putting to some people. His Persona is Goemon.

Makoto Niijima

VA = Cherami Leigh


A third-year student and the class president of Shujin Academy. Influenced by her strict sister, she always felt she had to be a responsible student. She used to be a floormat to the staff at her school, but after breaking out of her shell, she awakens her Persona and joins the Phantom Thieves. She assumes the role of the reliable, older sister in the group, and is a physical brawler who uses her fists to fight in battle, which can make her scary sometimes. Her Persona is Johanna.

Futaba Sakura

VA = Erica Lindbeck


A genius hacker who, at one point, grabbed the attention of the world. She initially lived a life of recluse, as adults around her made her believe she caused her own mother’s death. Although she initially struggled with social interactions and talking to people face-to-face, by regaining her true memories, she awakens her Persona. In the Phantom Thieves, she provides a navigator role, supporting her teammates from the sidelines. Her Persona is Necronomicon.

Haru Okumura

VA = Xanthe Huynh


The daughter of the CEO of Okumura Foods, a large fast-food chain. At one point, she was forced into an arranged marriage agreement from her father, and she wasn’t free to live as she chose. After awakening to her Persona, she finds the courage to stand up to her father. In the process, she loses him, but continues the fight after overcoming her grief. Although she is gentle and well-mannered, she’s can also be a bit scary at times. Her Persona is Milady.


Character Swapping


During your turn, you can switch between the three active party members whenever you desire.​

Until you finalize your actions, you can switch between characters and experiment with their positions, so take your time making your decisions.

Switching between characters is vital to setting up the all-out attack called a Triple Threat!​

This can turn the tide of battle in your favor, or even finish it in one fell swoop!

Strike Down Enemies


In this title, standing at a higher level yields certain advantages. Strike down enemies with melee attacks to knock them down!​

In addition, if you knock an enemy toward a party member, you can trigger follow-up attacks! Aside from additional damage, these can even provide extra turns. Keep these in mind when strategizing!

Before you knock down an enemy, try to position a party member nearby!​ Keep an eye out for the FOLLOW! icon! This will allow you to trigger a follow up attack! And CRITICAL score! An Extra Turn is activated!

A Diverse Range of Enemies


Aside from the standard ranks of Marie’s Legionnaires known as Musketeers, enemies like Grenadiers, who strike back immediately when attacked, and Drummers, who use buffs and healing skills, also await you.​

​Charge into battle without a plan and they’ll make you regret it!

Musketeers specialize in ranged fire, Grenadiers excel in melee, and leap at any attackers, and Drummers aren’t a threat alone, but with their healing and buffing skills, they make for challenging groups.

Difficulty Settings


If your party member’s HP reaches 0 during a battle, don’t lose hope—you can immediately Baton Pass to someone else in your reserves!​

There are also five difficulty settings that can be changed at any time. If you’re struggling with a certain fight, or if the battles feel too easy, try changing the difficulty!

Even when your HP is 0, you can swap between non-active party members. Always keep an eye out for Baton Passes!

Difficulty levels include Safety, Easy, Normal, Hard, and Risky.

Persona Fusions


The Velvet Room resident of this game is Lavenza (VA = Carrie Keranen), now dressed as a blacksmith! Experiment with Persona fusion in an all-new industrial setting!​

​Fuse Personas obtained in battle to power them up!

DLC Information

Repaint Your Heart Challenge Pack


Goro Akechi and Kasumi Yoshizawa appear in the DLC!​ Uncover the truth behind the strange Arsene graffiti and the mysterious artist Guernica!

Guernica, a pseudonymous street artist, somehow creates ​enormous murals without being spotted, let alone caught.​

As the world buzzes about this bold artistic activity, ​strange graffiti begin appearing in the city. Among those is a concerning rendition of Arsene, something only Persona users would know...​

Joker heads to the scene after receiving a call from Kasumi, which leads to a chance encounter with Akechi Goro. Joker then hears a strange voice call out:​

“Phantom Thieves of Hearts... I need your help...”

DLC Character List

Goro Akechi

VA = Robbie Daymond


A third-year high school student and detective. He has solved numerous cases and has built a reputation even among professional investigators. With his sharp intellect, amiable personality, and good looks, it’s no wonder people pay attention to what he does. With frequent media appearances, his fans tout him as the second coming of the Detective Prince. In his pursuit of the Phantom Thieves, a certain incident triggers him to cooperate with them. His Persona is Robin Hood.

Kasumi Yoshizawa

VA = Laura Post


A beautiful junior student, admitted to Shujin Academy ​the same year the Protagonist transfers. With an excellent track record in gymnastics since middle school, the Academy has high hopes for her athletic career. Her Persona is Cendrillon.

Persona 5 Tactica