Hammerwatch II slams down with a new launch trailer

Hammerwatch II, the sequel to the 2013 hack-and-slash roguelite, has now launched on PC (Steam) alongside a remaster of the original release. Coinciding with today's release, a new trailer has launched on Modus Games' Youtube channel.

While the game has now launched today on PC, console players still do not have a date for when they can expect to play the game for themselves. The last we heard was when Modus Games announced that Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PlayStation players can expect to play the game sometime later this year.

Players can purchase Hammerwatch II on Steam today for $24.99, and a special "The Chronicles Edition" bundle that includes the also newly released Anniversary Edition of the original Hammeerwatch for $39.99. Both releases are currently on a 10% discount for the first week of launch.

Journey through Hammer Island, the Fallowfields and the dark mountainous regions of Blackbarrow, all created in the signature Hammerwatch pixelated art style. Build a custom Herian Hero and choose between five distinct character classes: Paladin, Ranger, Rogue, Wizard and Warlock before customizing your appearance and leveling up to unlock powerful new abilities and skills. 

Starting now, PC players will be treated to a fully moddable world. Edit levels, create new stories and even craft totally unique experiences unlike anything found in the base game of Hammerwatch II to truly create a distinctive adventure. 

Hammerwatch II Screenshots