Survival Action RPG Enshrouded shows more gameplay in Building and Exploration trailers

Keen Games has released new gameplay videos for survival action RPG Enshrouded, detailing Building and Terraforming, as well as Suvival and Exploration.

The footage and descriptions can be found below, via Keen Games.

Enshrouded is set to release for PC via Steam Early Access later this year. For more information and screenshots of the game, you can check out the announcement post from May 2023, or a video detailing Combat from June 2023.

Building and Terraforming

Editor's Note: This trailer was released in July 2023, but we missed it at the time, so we're sharing it now.

Keen Games is proud to reveal a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming co-op survival-crafting action RPG Enshrouded, which gives players a deeper look at the games’ building and terraforming possibilities. Utilizing the game's custom engine and voxels, players can build bases as simply or elaborately as they desire, even shaping the land surrounding them to match. This second deep-dive shows the various tools and approaches to unleash the players creative freedom for building within Enshrouded.

Once the general structure is constructed, players can decorate their masterpieces with over 100 props including trophies from slain bosses as decor to show off progress. The different categories of furniture used for decoration are not only cosmetic, but also give players a stronger, rested buff when they set off on their next adventure in Enshrouded.

The customization isn’t limited to the buildings themselves — players can take their bases to the next level with terrain shaping tools in and around their structures, making the landscape work for them. Use the land to create farm fields for planting recipe ingredients, taking care to use the right kind of soil, to ensure stock is always ready for the next adventure. Players can dig further to carve out part of a mountain to build the underground lair hidden from the sunlight, add basement levels to a grand castle surrounded by a moat, or even surround your base with rolling hills using various types of terrain to invite others in or keep them out.

Players can choose to keep their fortresses for solitude, or share their spaces with friends. Enshrouded players will encounter various NPCs that can settle in their base, rewarding the player with more crafting options, new recipes, and even quests by building workshops and housing for them. NPCs will respond to your bases, and may require certain levels of comfort when visiting in order to assist. Players can also invite friends to build, farm, decorate, construct or destroy as a group. With many hands making light work, some may find the real building is in the friendships made along the way.

Suvival and Exploration

Keen Games has unveiled another gameplay video, this time featuring survival and exploration within the world of Enshrouded. Pitted against wildlife, enemies, and other elements, players can expect familiar survival challenges—not punishment—as they traverse through varying territories and biomes, including the Shroud, a deadly fog that plagues the lands. Use craftiness and cleverness to outdo the forces in Embervale. 

The laws of nature often say “survival of the fittest'', to which Enshrouded is no exception. Though it might be described as a survival game that is not punishing, the challenge remains to stay alert and prepared for whatever might cross your path as you explore the ruined lands of those that came before. Players will start from next to nothing until they assemble their first Flame Altar, which will allow them to establish a respite from the harsh elements around them. Protecting against enemies and wildlife is essential, therefore crafting weapons, clothing, and defenses should aid players on their quests. Fight your way through with simple weapons, at first, until the Blacksmith and several other legendary artisans have been awakened and invited back to your base to assist in forging more effective defenses and improve your character. See the first gameplay video on combat to unsheathe more details on weapons, fighting, and defense in Embervale.

Weapons can certainly aid against beasts and foes, but not against the elements. Ensure survival with dwellings that offer buffs like Comfort, Warmth, and additional crafting options. More food recipes will be available at home than on the winding roads of Embervale; it's essential to grow, gather crops, cook foods to stock up on before, during, and after a long journey. When you begin building structures, widen your options by inviting other warriors (NPCs) to help. But, don't forget to take a rest every now and then in a comfy bed (to varying degrees of comfiness).. These simple pleasures create perks for the players, making exploration in the dangerous corners of the world of Enshrouded safer, and can make all the difference between life and death away from home. For a closer look at the building and terraforming, see our previous gameplay video in the pillar series. 

Crafting, creating, and cleverness are just as important when traveling Embervale on foot or by Glider. Players will inevitably find themselves in The Shroud, where they will be forced to think and move quickly lest the deadly fog takes its hold within the time limit. Extend this time by exploring for special capsules within. Also lurking inside the poisonous area are great and powerful bosses who may hold legendary materials. For the brave, ruin or reward is in arm's reach here. 

Enshrouded is aiming for Early Access launch on Steam in 2023.