Everhood Eternity Edition launches for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One on September 28

Publisher Blitworks and developer Foreign Gnomes have announced that Everhood will launch as Everhood Eternity Edition for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One on September 28. The adventure RPG previously released for Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam) in March 2021.

This version of the game will include 16 exclusive new musical battles and new music from 11 composers, detailed below.

A new trailer and description can be found below, via Blitworks.

Welcome to an inexpressible world filled with a deep story, humor, amusing musical battles and strange delightful encounters. BlitWorks Games and Foreign Gnomes are proud to announce the arrival of Everhood Eternity Edition to Xbox One | Series S/X and PlayStation 4 | 5 consoles. This is the most complete version of the adventure RPG indie hit that has already sold more than 500K copies on Steam and Nintendo Switch combined, and will include 16 exclusive new musical battles designed by members of the community and composed by some of the most renowned artists in the indie scene.

Expect the unexpected! Developed by Foreign Gnomes, Everhood Eternity Edition is a musical action RPG adventure released by BlitWorks Games, an indie publisher with a strong technical background, they wanted not only to port the content that is already available on other platforms but also enhance it with 16 new battles made by the best level designers from the Everhood community, and featuring music from the following 11 renowned composers. The new tracks will be unlocked as the player progresses through the game's main story, and will represent a real challenge for the most skilled ones:

  • Chipzel (original track, she worked on titles like Super Hexagon, Dicey Dungeons and Cadence of Hyrule).
  • David Wise (original track, he worked with Tradewest / Rareware / Rare for many years on titles like Battletoads, the Donkey Kong Country series and more recently with Ratchet and Clank).
  • Manami Matsumae (2 original tracks, she worked on Mega Man, Final Fight, Batman: Return of the Joker, Shovel Knight, and more)
  • Keiji Yamagishi (original track, he worked on Ninja Gaiden, and more recently on The Messenger and Streets of Rage 4).
  • Disasterpeace (original track, he worked on FEZ, Super Meat Boy, Hyper Light Drifter, Reigns, and more).
  • YMCK (2 original tracks, they worked on Taiko no Tatsujin for Wii, PiCTOBiTS for DSiWare and more).
  • Gonzalo Varela (with Destiny from Fight'n Rage).
  • Stefan Moser (with Forgotten Strategy from Slipstream).
  • AceMan (with 2-2N Unreachable from Rhythm Doctor).
  • Evan "Noteblock" Goertzen (with A Dark Tale of Terror from Mago)
  • All-Seeing (with Stress, UFO Remaster and Vs Pixel)

Everhood is a bizarre realm located on the edges of space and time. Its inhabitants are a peculiar lot. These otherworldly entities spend their days wandering labyrinthine castles. Clubbing and board games are popular pastimes here, as well. That is, until a gnome steals an arm from Red, the wooden doll. A seemingly simple quest to reclaim it begins to pull at the fraying threads of this strange world, unraveling a mystery and reality in the process.

Go on a trip through the doors of perception. Explore fantastical environments in the hunt for the pinched limb. Play hide and seek with animate mushrooms in the forest, win carnival prizes, and race go-karts against colorful characters like mages, sentient save points, robots, and vampires.

"Both Jordi (Roca) and I started Everhood as a very personal project in 2018 and it has grown so much since then. We really want to thank the community of the game, who supported it to what it has become today. It is a strange game that found its place in many people and I am glad to see this evolution. We are really happy to partner with BlitWorks Games for the Eternity Edition on Xbox and PlayStation versions in collaboration with Juuls Pomeranian and All-Seeing! two talented level designers of the Everhood community alongside 11 brilliant composers, to create a really unique experience that goes beyond what us, as creators, initially envisioned."
- Chris Nordgren

Learn about Red’s past and come ever-closer to finding the Absolute Truths of the universe. But knowledge often comes at a cost. Some of Everhood’s eclectic residents aren’t content to let Red roam the realm freely. Face off against challengers ranging from multi-legged monsters to brothers who run a plank-selling business and the fearsome Gold Pig in musical battles. Avoid incoming attacks by moving, grooving, and leaping out of harm’s way while jamming out to bespoke battle themes as varied as the inhabitants of this curious community.

Red’s journey is teeming with secrets and world-alerting revelations. As Everhood’s true nature begins to appear, adventurers will make decisions that impact Red’s role in the fate of everyone – and everything – the doll encounters. Experience a twisting story and overcome dance-based trials across five difficulty modes, a range of accessibility options, and an unlockable New Game Plus feature that calls into question everything that’s come before it.