Fate/Grand Order Summer Event 2023 pre-release promo launched

Aniplex and Lasengle have launched a pre-release promotional campaign for the next limited-time event in the English edition of Fate/Grand Order. The Summer 2023 pre-release campaign will distribute goodies and resources to players who log into the game during the promo period. The campaign also includes reruns of certain summoning banners ahead of the launch of the actual Summer 2023 event. That event's full title is Chaldea Summer Adventure! A Boy Pursuing Dreams and a Girl Who Dreams."

Check out a trailer for the event that aired when it first appeared in the Japanese version of the game:

The Fate/Grand Order Summer 2023 pre-release campaign runs from August 22 to August 31, 2023. Players who log in during the promo period will gain a mix of goodies, including AP-restoring fruit, Saint Quartz premium currency, and more. Players looking to upgrade Servants ahead of the event will also see boosted success rates for Servant enhancement, as well as halved AP costs for "Rank Up" quests that improve Servant skills and Noble Phantasms. Unlike more general promos, though, the boosts mostly apply to Servants with applicable bonuses for the Summer 2023 event. These include Servants from previous summer events like Summer Hokusai and Summer Tomoe Gozen. A few non-summer Servants will also receive boosts, like Achilles, Mandricardo, and Ashiya Douman.

Additionally, players with Saint Quartz to spare may also choose to roll on a rerun banner for the 5-Star Riders Francis Drake and the Limited-rarity Rider Nemo. 4-Stars like Calamity Jane and Summer Anne and Mary will also appear on their banners.

As for the Summer 2023 event itself, players will receive a free 4-Star servant by participating. The freebie 4-Star is a Ruler-class version of Leonardo da Vinci, and the second freely available Ruler-class character in the game (the first one was the Ruler-class Quetzalcoatl (Santa/Samba) from the 2020 Christmas event). Aniplex plans to reveal more about the event during a special livestream set for August 30, 2023.