Blue Archive Ark of Atrahasis Conquest event launched, Toki and Nagisa added to roster

After a month-long null following the debut of its "Part 1" Final Episode, the Senseis of Blue Archive are being invited to conquer the next stage in the multi-month-long saga: The Ark of Atrahasis Conquest. The Blue Archive Ark of Atrahasis conquest event ties into the 3rd chapter of the Part 1 Finale main story, and runs from August 22 through September 5, 2023.

The Ark of Atrahasis Conquest (also known as A-H.A Conquest) follows on from the previous stage, "Operation: Nisir's Summit," which ran through late July and most of August 2023. In it, an alliance of the schools of Kivotos and the player character's organization Schale takes to the sky to combat the source of the "False Sanctum Towers" that threatened the city in the previous stage.

Nexon Games uploaded an animated teaser for the Blue Archive Ark of Atrahasis Conquest event to the game's official YouTube channel:

The brief trailer shows various Blue Archive characters donning new uniforms and boarding a flying battleship to bring the war to the Chroma, the mysterious extradimensional force behind the Ark.

The titular Ark will need to be conquered and occupied, block by block, and the Conquest-style gameplay of the event reflects this. Players will command their squads to conquer tiles on a preset map, then obtain special currencies to unlock the next area map in the progression. There are four total maps to conquer and occupy. A new mechanic called erosion threatens to roll back players' progress, reclaiming tiles for the enemy and reducing the rewards that players can obtain from the tiles they retain. Certain tiles can also be upgraded in exchange for farmed currencies, increasing the rate of reward acquisition. Overall the event is a good source of credits, artifacts, and other items needed to fully upgrade a player's characters.

For players wishing to recruit new characters, the new event is accompanied by two new 3-star limited-rarity characters: Nagisa and Toki. Nagisa is one of the leaders of Trinity General School's Tea Party and is a backline Special student who can summon a large artillery barrage to flatten enemies in an area. Toki is the secret fifth member of Millenium Science School's elite Cleaning & Clearing club and can ditch her maid outfit for the Abi-Eshuh power armor frame, receiving a massive firepower boost in the process.

Blue Archive is available on mobile devices.