Honkai Star Rail update 1.3 will revamp the game's energy system

The next update for Honkai Star Rail, version 1.3, will bring with it a measure to address one persistent complaint among its more dedicated players: A revision to the game's "Trailblaze Power" energy system. HoYoVerse announced the details of the change via an in-game news post and an update on the HoYoLab community site.

According to the post, titled "Trailblaze Power System Optimization Details," the Honkai Star Rail update 1.3 will bring with it an increase to the upper limit for Trailblaze power, allowing players to do more activities before it runs out. Additionally, when recharged to the cap, Trailblaze Power can be "stored up" as Reserved Trailblaze Power, recharging at a reduced rate and up to a maximum of 2400. This means that players who take a break from the game won't see their recharged Trailblaze Power "wasted" for a few days.

"Trailblaze Power" is Honkai Star Rail's version of an "energy" or "stamina" system, and is akin to the "resin" system used by Genshin Impact. Trailblaze Power is a resource that generates over time and is spent when taking on certain activities in-game. These activities include engaging in Calyx battles for resources, clearing Caverns of Corrosion for Relics, or clearing the Simulated Universe for gear.

In other words, any repeatable activity that rewards players with the items they need to improve or progress their characters costs a nominal amount of Trailblaze Power. The current cap on Trailblaze Power is 180 units. After patch 1.3 drops, it'll be raised to 240 units.

Some Honkai Star Rail players complained about the Trailblaze Power system, calling the cap of 180 too low in relation to how much Power needs to be spent to harvest rewards from the game's activities. As a result, the low cap slows down the process of gathering materials for improving one's characters. It also makes upgrading newly acquired characters more of a chore. The increased cap should make things more productive, while the ability to store up energy should allow players to play more at their own pace, taking breaks when desired and keeping their activity from being dictated by the game.

Honkai Star Rail is available on iOS, Android, and PC. The PS5 version is gearing up for a network test. The 1.3 update is expected to launch on August 30, 2023.