Zenless Zone Zero gameplay showcase focuses on New Eridu urban life

HoYoVerse uploaded a new gameplay showcase trailer for urban fantasy free-to-play RPG Zenless Zone Zero over the weekend. First aired on the show floor at Gamescom 2023, the roughly 6-minute sequence shows the player visiting some of New Eridu's neighborhood shops and side activities before beating down a massive boss monster.

Check it out:

The new trailer focuses more on individual shop activities in their New Eridu neighborhood. The player character visits the ramen stand to obtain a buff for the next mission, then pays a visit to Bardic Needle, a music store where players can do "Drive Tuning." Drive Tuning appears to be a randomized gear-acquisition system. A brief session at the God Finger arcade showed off minigames similar to Mr. Driller and Snake.

After returning to the Random Play video store that serves as a home base, the player then accesses the computer to "Deep Dive" into a Hollow area, controlling a team to fight a large enemy. The team this time consists of the characters Soldier 11, Nekomiya Mana, and Von Lycaon.

As shown, the combat seems to be similar to the real-time character action style of HoYoVerse's Honkai Impact 3rd, but using character-swapping and assist calls as an even more integral part of the system. Characters swap in and out repeatedly and instantly, often swapping as a way to intercept an enemy attack. They also synchronize fancy ultimate attacks and use chain ability executions to drive up what looks like a score or damage multiplier. 

The trailer is of a piece with the lengthy Zenless Zone Zero TGS 2022 trailer, which followed a full quest line and featured cinematic cutscenes.

Zenless Zone Zero is in development for PC and mobile platforms but does not yet have a release window.