Square Enix reveals Tokyo Game Show 2023 title lineup and stream schedule

Tokyo Game Show 2023 is upon us as we enter September, and Square Enix immediately started the month by opening a special website detailing their appearance at the event. Just like the prior years, the company will set up a booth containing playable demos of their upcoming games. As it appears, the company will give specific spotlights to Infinity Strash: Dragon Quest - The Adventure of Dai, Dragon Quest Monsters 3: The Dark Prince, and Star Ocean: The Second Story R.

As of the initial reveal on September 1, the title and stream list may feel rather short compared to the 2022 edition. However, there is a chance that Square Enix will gradually add more entries to the list. We will update this article accordingly whenever that happens.

  • 6 September
    Although Square Enix listed Dragon Quest Monsters 3 in the demo list, the booth will not have an actual demo of the game but instead a crane game with monster plushes as rewards. As such, we moved the entry to the live stream list. We also added a Family Game Park-exclusive demo of Dragon Quest Treasures in its original place.
  • 14 September
    Following the new trailers for SaGa Emerald Beyond and Final Fantasy VII Rebirth at Nintendo Direct and State of Play respectively, Square Enix immediately added both titles to their TGS lineup. The physical booth will contain 100 demo units of FF7 Rebirth, while SaGa Emerald Beyond will be tucked into the series' stream on Saturday.
  • 18 September
    War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius gets added to the stream list; it'll be available near the end of Saturday.

We have compiled Square Enix's title lineup and stream schedule for TGS 2023 right below. Note that while the website also includes an English version, this list is based on the original Japanese site as there are some entries omitted from the other language versions.

Square Enix TGS 2023 Title Lineup

Titles with playable demos

Titles with online shows/live streams only

Titles with only trailers at the theater reel

  • Final Fantasy XVI
  • Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis
  • Dragon Quest X Online

Square Enix TGS 2023 Stream Schedule

Thursday, September 21

  • 21:00 - Power Wash Simulator

Friday, September 22

  • 20:00 - Square Enix Music
  • 21:00 - Eiko Kano's Critikano Hit (this celebrity show will also fill Square Enix's slot on the Tokyo Game Show channel)

Saturday, September 23

  • 12:00 - Final Fantasy Trading Card Game
  • 13:00 - Final Fantasy VII Rebirth
  • 15:15 - SaGa series (including Emerald Beyond)
  • 19:00 - PC gaming
  • 20:00 - War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Sunday, September 24

  • 11:00 - Infinity Strash: Dragon Quest - The Adventure of Dai
  • 12:30 - Dragon Quest Monsters 3: The Dark Prince
  • 13:15 - Foamstars
  • 15:00 - Final Fantasy XIV