Arknights Monster Hunter crossover event begins September 7

Mobile strategy RPG Arknights is crossing over with Capcom's legendary Monster Hunter series in a new crossover event beginning this week. Debuting earlier this year on the Chinese version of the game, the global editions will see the launch of their Arknights x Monster Hunter crossovers on September 7, 2023, according to announcements spread via the game's official site and social media accounts.

Officially titled "A Flurry to the Flame", the Arknights x Monster Hunter crossover is a limited-time Side Story event that involves the Operators of Rhodes Island paying a visit to the remote Roka Village, a monster-hunting community. Players will get the chance to harvest event materials to trade for goodies, and also acquire a free limited unit, the "Terra Research Commission".

The Commission is a single unit consisting of three Monster Hunter Felyne Palicos stacked on top of one another. The trio can launch "Lottery Bombs" that have randomized status effects on foes.

Those with premium currency to spare can opt to roll for two new limited units: The 6-Star Kirin R Yato and the 5-Star Rathalos S Noir Corne. The two units are high-rarity versions of the 3-Star starter Operators Yato and Noir Corne, dressed in Monster Hunter armor sets.

Yato wields the Dual Blades and wears the Kirin R Blademaster set from Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, while Noir Corne wears the Rathalos S set, also from Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. The new Operators also have different classes from their usual versions. Kirin R Yato is a Specialist-class Operator, while Noir Corne drops his shield for a Long Blade as a Guard.

In addition to the new units, the event will also see new cosmetic skins arrive in the game's outfit store. The Terra Research Commission will have a streetwear-themed outfit, while the characters Mint, Scene, and Suzuran will get kimono-themed outfits. The store will also return the skins for characters Liskarm and Schwarz that appeared during the crossover event with Rainbow Six Siege in 2022.

Arknights is available on Android and iOS devices. The Monster Hunter crossover event begins on September 7, 2023.