Stray Children is the next RPG from Moon developer Onion Games

The Nintendo Direct broadcast dated for September 14, 2023, brought an announcement from Moon developer Onion Games regarding its latest project. Its new game is called Stray Children, and it's being billed as a "bittersweet fairytale RPG". It'll share many developers with other Onion Games cult classics like Chulip, Little King's Story, Rule of Rose, and Moon. The game is due out for sale in Winter 2024 in Japan.

The trailer shows off the game's unique low-fi visuals, as well as a "battle" system that involves the use of words and specialized verbs that produce magical effects.

According to Onion Games' press release, the story of Stray Children involves a young boy who is sucked into a TV set, finding himself in a mysterious wonderland made up entirely of children. From there begins an adventure in a strange and dangerous place.

As for an English-language version of Stray Children, Onion Games confirmed that the game as a whole is still deep in development, but that an English localization is planned. Its actual release window is still to be determined.

A brief teaser trailer for Stray Children was also shown off during the broadcast. Stray Children will release on the Nintendo Switch in Japan in Winter 2024.

—ome in... come in... are you receiving me? It's the American Onion here, with a very important message... We interrupt your regular morning routine to bring you a special mid-month installment of The Secret Onion Cellar...

We have just finally, formally, announced our next RPG! 

We're going to forgo further pleasantries this time, and just get right to it!

Everyone here at Onion Games is very happy to announce, and invite you to enter...

Stray Children, our new RPG, coming soon to Nintendo Switch, and just now featured in Japan's latest Nintendo Direct!

Stray Children is a bittersweet fairytale RPG, created — as regular readers of this newsletter will know — by many of the same people behind some of your favorite cult-classics like Chulip, Little King’s Story, Rule of Rose, Super Mario RPG, and, of course, Moon: Remix RPG Adventure, the game we re-released in English in 2021.

The story of Stray Children begins like so. One day, a young boy is sucked into a TV set and awakens to find himself in a land made up entirely of children. So begins the boy’s adventures in this strange and dangerous wonderland.

As readers of The Secret Onion Cellar know from our monthly development diaries, work is still heavily underway on the game and its localization, but we have updates planned for you in the future! As always, you will find out about everything Stray Children-related right here in your inbox, before anyone else!

We hope you're as excited to enter the world of Stray Children as we are for you to see it! 

That is all we can say about Stray Children for now — our Western release date is still TBD — but expect so much more in the coming months! We're so happy to finally tell you what it is we've been toiling away at here at Onion Games!

Stray Children