Shiren the Wanderer 6 launches for Switch in Japan and East Asia on January 25, 2024

Spike Chunsoft revealed Shiren the Wanderer 6 at the Japanese stream of the September 2023 Nintendo Direct. The Japanese title includes the subtitle Toguro-jima Tankenroku, which can also be literally translated to Coil Island Expedition Record. The company has also opened the official site for the game, which will be released for Nintendo Switch on January 25, 2024.

The reveal trailer shows that Shiren the Wanderer 6 will be the series' first mainline entry to utilize 3D models and maps in lieu of 2D sprites. Despite the switch in graphics, this roguelike RPG will still feature randomized dungeons just like the prior entries.

You can find the Japanese Nintendo Direct trailer for Shiren the Wanderer 6 right below. So far, this game is only slated for release in Japan and East Asia with Japanese and Traditional Chinese subtitles. Spike Chunsoft has yet to confirm an English localization for the West as of this writing.